A God of War mocap performer gained the part of Kratos by using an axe and a fake severed arm.

A God of War mocap performer gained the part of Kratos by using an axe and a fake severed arm. During the audition process, Eric Jacobus really channeled their inner Kratos.

The demo reel that God of War mocap performer Eric Jacobus submitted to Santa Monica Studio when applying for the part of Kratos includes an ax and a phony severed arm.

As noted by Push Square(opens in new tab), the stuntman recently posted a video to their official YouTube channel(opens in new tab) that was delivered to the God of War (2018) crew at Santa Monica Studio during the audition process for Kratos. Initially shot the video back in 2016.

If you didn’t know, Christopher Judge delivered Kratos’ raging voice, and Jacobus provided the motion capture performance for the Greek god. Both actors would have had to undergo an audition process, though we wager that Judge’s and Jacobus’ appearances would have been somewhat dissimilar. Below, you may see for yourself.

The actor claims that after the God of War crew watched Jacobus’ “Tekken IRL” video series. They invited them to come and try out for the action-adventure game. Jacobus prepared a novelist video for the character to show off a variety of maneuvers that Kratos might perform in the game to “sweeten the deal” with Santa Monica Studio. We weren’t prepared for Jacobus to start swinging an ax around and include a phony severed arm in the film, though.

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But given that we now know Jacobus was hired and played a part in creating Kratos, this is precisely what Santa Monica Studio wanted to see. We would have some excellent news if you liked Jacobus’ performance in God of War (2018). The stuntman has returned for the game’s sequel, God of War Ragnarok, which is scheduled to debut on November 9, 2022, according to information provided on Jacobus’ website(opens in a new tab).

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