An Updated CD Projekt Game Ghost of Tsushima energy is in Red Devs.

An Updated CD Projekt Game Ghost of Tsushima energy is in Red Devs. Production on the debut game from the new firm Dark Passenger has begun.

The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 developers who are now working for the new Warsaw, Poland-based game studio Dark Passenger (opens in new tab) have a lot in common with Ghost of Tsushima and its Legends multiplayer mode.

This week, Dark Passenger made its online debut. As Shinobi602(opens in new tab) noted on Twitter, it is now beginning early production on its first game. The studio has been producing animations, film sequences, characters, and other assets for other indie and AAA games for many years, and now it is starting work on its project, which is “currently in the first production phase,” according to the website of the studio (which was machine translated into English).

The translated website claims, “We are constructing an addicting, dark universe full of secrets, odd people, and conflicts consuming the Land of the Rising Sun.” The website also includes basic information about how this game would function, along with the artwork of a poor guy who gets a katana through the neck.

The breakout game from Dark Passenger, a first-person online action game, aims for multiplayer with cooperative PvE and competitive PvP. It occurs sometime after an “unnamed invader” usurps the throne from the reigning shogun in feudal Japan. As they fight against the invaders’ rule, supernatural aspects are mixed in with assassin houses searching for “artefacts harboring tremendous power.”

The website continues, “Players will confront the usurper’s acolytes and other parties of assassins searching for the same findings together, playing the roles of shinobi and kunoichi. “The players’ characters will climb pagodas, hide under the floors of country cottages, jump on city rooftops, and creep covertly through shrines and temples as they traverse these gloomy places. They will have an endless number of possible movements due to the terrain’s vertical shape, and the unpredictable weather will catch them off guard with a sudden deluge, a powerful wind, or a blanket of fog.”

When the time comes, Dark Passenger plans to release this game for the PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC (Steam and the Epic Games Store). We’re down since it appears to be supported by some excellent people and beautiful artwork.

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