Top 10 Best Open World Games of All Time

Best Open World Games: Over the years, open-world games have advanced significantly, giving us greater freedom to explore and in how we approach goals, but which ones have it all? The best challenges, the best plot, the best characters, and the best open world?

Best Open World Games
Best Open World Games

The IGN staff fought it out (professionally, of course) to compile a list of the top open-world games, examining how well they allow us to get lost in a world, take over enemy strongholds, and discover absurd ways to outrun opponents. IGN’s selections for the best 10 open-world video games, without further ado.

Best Open World Games

1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The promise of the Zelda series, a model established in the NES era, is finally realized in Breath of the Wild. Said Breath of the Wild is the game we pictured ourselves playing back then. Our mental pictures, influenced by the instruction manual’s illustrations, suddenly took on a three-dimensional, completely explorable, and indefinitely replayable quality.

Even though Breath of the Wild was released in 2017, no other game has yet to match its unique combination of charm, freedom, and seriousness. The freedom of movement made possible by including so many easily climbable objects makes it the finest and most magical, completely realized open-world game ever made. All Link had to do was the point in any direction to guarantee discovery and adventure. (Seth Macy)

2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 set a new standard for open-world games even as it was released close to other games on this list; seven years later, many other games are still judged against it. Every area of The Continent, from the lonely hills of Velen to the busy streets of Novigrad or the lush fields of Blood & Wine’s Toussaint, is brimming with enemies to slay, secrets to discover, and dozens of hours’ worth of side quests that feel as developed and significant as the game’s main narrative.

You have even more reasons to explore this exceptional fantasy world when you combine it with the inclusion of two of the best expansion packs in gaming history, adding new maps, upgrades, and collectibles to the game’s current retail version. Jonathan Ryan

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3. Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto V was a fitting send-off for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 gaming eras, but its legacy and influence have endured across two more hardware generations. GTA V has proven to be a strong force on both the PS4 and Xbox One, and it is likely to be once more on the PS5 and Xbox Series. Grand Theft Auto Online receives impressive and frequent updates, so it never really leaves the spotlight.

Grand Theft Auto V, however, more than lives up to that legacy as a glorious achievement, partly because of its triple-protagonist structure, which offers a gripping overarching narrative that keeps you interested in the game until the end.

And it’s impossible to overstate how immersive its open world is; both in the campaign and in GTA Online, Los Santos is teeming with activity, interesting places to explore, and an incredible amount to do. In the best example of a contemporary open world in gaming, you can participate in a triathlon, buy real estate, or even trade stocks on a virtual exchange. Taylor Lynes

4. Red Dead Redemption 2

You can deliberately live out the life of a fictional cowboy named Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2. Red Dead Redemption 2’s magic lies in how its open world allows players to enrich Morgan’s story with their own meaningful experiences because of the carefully designed setting. Do you want Arthur to become a serious hunter? After that, enjoy stalking, trapping, and skinning many animals, each with its food chain and habits. Are you interested in strange artifact hunting? Proceed without delay.

Or perhaps you want to relax while hand-carving your ammunition over the campfire for a modest damage boost. There are no incorrect responses. Just a universe full of mystery and adventure that enables us to travel back in time and learn for ourselves about the world of the wild west. Nikolas Li Elden Ring being immediately placed above some of the all-time greats that make up the top half of this list might seem a bit hasty.

5. Elden Ring

Elden Ring is one of the bravest and most innovative open-world games of the last ten years; it gives the player the freedom to choose their path instead of being directed by an endless string of map markers, waypoints, and pointless side missions.

The realm of The Lands Between is enormous and crammed with trials to overcome, important treasures to find, roving boss encounters to defeat, and dungeons and catacombs to explore. Elden Ring’s journey is not without difficulties, especially if you are unfamiliar with From Software’s distinctive philosophy of imparting lessons through punishing adversity. Still, it is consistently gratifying, surprising, and awe-inspiring in ways that few games are. – Mitchell Saltzman

6. Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas cemented its place in the top open-world game conversation for the last 12 years by immersing us in a breathtaking narrative that responds to our decisions and unfolds all around us. Building on Fallout 3’s basis, New Vegas took us to the more vibrant and diversified western part of the post-nuclear United States and set us on a course to cross paths with several conflicts.

A simple quest to find the person who shot you and left you for dead quickly turns into a three-way conflict between the New California Republic, a pretending new Roman emperor, and an immortal casino magnate over the fate of New Vegas. Along the way, we get to know some of the best characters from the Fallout series. Even in the years following, there haven’t been many video games with worlds that feel as vibrant, active, and full of characters, tales, and dark comedy just waiting for us to discover them. Stapleton, Dan

7. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The fact that Skyrim can be played on practically any platform is the subject of an ongoing joke. Since its modest debut on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 in 2011, Skyrim has become incredibly popular, particularly on Amazon Alexa devices. It remains wonderful and completely changed the bar for what an open-world adventure might be. One of the busiest modding communities ever is found on the PC, and it has even produced full-length games.

And Skyrim still looks beautiful and plays fantastic, even with the recent PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X upgrade. The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is still regarded as one of the best open-world RPGs a person can spend their time with because of its captivating narrative, dynamic open environment, and abundant material. Marc Medina

8. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid 5 is one of the best examples of how an open-world game should approach its challenges. There’s more than one way to go in any situation, resulting in a feeling of unprecedented freedom of choice. At its best, it’s pure play, reminiscent of smashing Army men together in a playground sandbox, but with a fantastic soundtrack and more than enough of Kojima’s eccentricity to make it feel even more special.

While the story is ultimately unfinished, and it can’t hold itself together through to the end, the freedom it affords makes it incredible regardless of its narrative shortcomings. (Seth Macy)

9. Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West improves on the Zero Dawn experience in almost every way. In Aloy’s next adventure, the world is thick and full of deep sidequests, and each character’s tale provides a different window into the world. And it’s a world that feels like it meaningfully lives and even evolves around Aloy and the player. And to better serve those sidequests, Guerrilla has extended the reach of Aloy’s world to the titular Forbidden West, with a host of memorable locations that offer insight into the current tribes populating the world and the crumbled remains of our former civilization.

Climbing traversal may not be as free as some other games on this list, but the ability to better search underwater and even take to the skies are welcome, joyous additions to the formula. Horizon Forbidden West is certainly built on the foundation of other open-world games, including Zero Dawn. Still, it’s an amazing step in pushing the genre forward and creating a captivating adventure in its own right. – Jada Griffin

10. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

New York City around Christmastime is magic. And Insomniac has done an incredible job of recreating that charming atmosphere in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Every aspect of this follow-up to the 2018 Spidey hit is undoubtedly built on the great fundamentals of that first game. But the approach to the world, mission design, and story is stronger in Miles Morales, even if there is less of it. But focusing on a more select story and missions allows Miles’ journey to be so personally impactful on the player and character.

It’s a fantastic debut solo outing for Miles, with improved and smoother traversal and combat options, a stirring story, and many intriguing, important things to do. And that’s all while looking and running so well, both on PS5 and PS4. Insomniac somehow captured the real-world magic of New York and imbued it into Spider-Man: Miles Morales, letting players experience it any time of year. – Jonathon Dornbush

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Is the open world Elden Ring the largest?

It is larger than the maps of several iconic open-world games, like Skyrim or Grand Theft Auto 5, with 30.5 square miles (79 square kilometres), but it still falls short of many others. The fact that Elden Ring is so tightly packed with content gives it an advantage over many of other games.

Is Elden Ring too difficult?

Elden Ring is undoubtedly a challenging game. The first few hours can be incredibly challenging due to frequent ambushes and opponents that can instantly kill you.

Elden Ring: Is he worth it?

If you like challenging open-world RPGs, then it is definitely worth buying. If you liked playing any of the Dark Souls games, especially Dark Souls 3, as we have already said, you will adore this one. There are those who don’t like it, but they definitely aren’t the target audience for this game.

What game is now the most popular?

The important thing is that players are playing, whether they’re engaged in tower defence, survival, or battle royale. With 80M monthly active players and over 62K favourable votes on Ranker in 2022, Fortnite is still one of the most played games today.

Which is superior, Skyrim or Elden Ring?

Despite the diversity of Dragon Shouts accessible in Skyrim, which add a lot of excitement to the game, Elden Ring wins due to the sheer quantity, thoroughness, and potency of its spells and magic system.

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