How to complete Blaidd questline in Elden Ring

Blaidd questline: You’ve undoubtedly seen fan art of Blaidd, the wolf knight if you’ve seen fan art of Elden Ring(opens in new tab). One of Elden Ring‘s most well-known characters is tall and regal yet considerably more polite than one might anticipate from such a commanding wolf man. Although Blaidd is simple to overlook during your initial tour of Limgrave, starting his quest launches one of Elden Ring’s longest and most significant stories.

Blaidd questline
Blaidd questline

You might not even know Blaidd is close until you hear him howling in Limgrave’s woods. He is one of a select few NPCs that are quite simple to overlook completely; however, FromSoftware included a small hint to help you find him. You’ll learn where and how to meet Blaidd from the trader Kale, and after speaking with him, you’ll run into him several more times in the Lands Between. At least if you undertake a different quest related to Blaidd’s tale.

You must wait until later in the game to obtain Blaidd’s royal wolf armor(opens in a new tab). Assuming Blaidd’s look necessitates finishing what is arguably the game’s longest quest chain.

Here is everything you need to know about Blaidd in Elden Ring, from where and how to begin his quest to obtain his armor.

Elden Ring’s Blaidd quest: Where to find Blaidd

Blaidd questline
Blaidd questline

The Mistwood Ruins in West Limgrave are where Blaidd is initially discovered. After your initial visit to the ruins, you must speak with the merchant Kale in the Church of Elleh to obtain the “snap” gesture required to lower the wolf knight from the tower (Blaidd is the wolf knight, naturally).

When you are finished, speak to Blaidd, who will inform you that he is seeking a person by the name of Darriwil.

We may now start the mission.

Elden Ring’s Blaidd quest: Where to find Darriwil

Blaidd questline
Blaidd questline

As it happens, Darriwil can be located at the Forlorn Hound Evergaol to the south. So quickly travel to the Agheel Lake South Site of Grace(opens in new tab), then proceed to the spot shown on the map below. Examine the luminous disc in the center of the large circular stone area before stepping inside.

The yellow summon sign for Blaidd sits on the ground near the glowing circle where you came, and you can call upon him to assist you in this battle with his Elden Ring Spirit Ash(opens in new tab). If you don’t want to summon him, you can finish this phase of the quest by just beating Darriwil. As a bonus, you also receive the Bloodhound’s Fang curled greatsword.

Re-convoke Blaidd, but this time do so outside the Evergaol. You’ll receive a Somber Smithing Stone (2) from him, but keep speaking with him until he brings up a blacksmith.

You can explain what Blaidd sent you when you speak to Iji, the blacksmith, later, just before Caria Manor in West Liguria. By doing this, you can obtain the Carian Filigreed Crest, an Elden Ring talisman that reduces the number of FP skills used (opens in a new tab).

Although Blaidd’s journey is nominally ended, his involvement in Elden Ring is far from over.

Blaidd questline Blaidd questline Blaidd questline Blaidd questline Blaidd questline Blaidd questline Blaidd questline Blaidd questline Blaidd questline Blaidd questline

Where does Blaidd go next?

The task Blaidd provides you is brief, but after you defeat Darriwil and speak to him, his involvement in the game continues. Blaidd’s story, closely related to Ranni the Witch’s, must be continued in Caria Manor in northwest Liurnia of the Lakes.

For a step-by-step explanation, refer to our Elden Ring Ranni quest guide(which opens in a new tab).

But if you’re just interested in where Blaidd will show up as you advance through the game, here are the other places:

  • Go to the Siofra River Well underground in Mistwood after starting Ranni the Witch’s quest there. It’s close to where you originally met Blaidd. You can talk to him about his search for Nokron by finding him on the southern side of the sizable Siofra River region.
  • You speak with Sorceress Sellen after being directed by Blaidd to speak with Ranni’s servant Seluvis. After speaking with both, go back to Blaidd for a new discussion about battling Starscourge Gadahn.
  • Blaidd will be waiting for you when you get to Redmane Castle in southeast Caelid to join the battle against Gadahn. You can communicate with him to call him in to help in the fight.
  • You can locate Blaidd at the Forlorn Hound Evergaol, where you battled Darriwil after defeating Gadahn.
  • Blaidd’s final location is outside Ranni’s Rise when Ranni’s questline is finished.

How to get Blaidd’s armor 

Progressing through all the places mentioned above is necessary if your heart is set on Blaidd’s armor. Ranni’s questline, one of the game’s most extensive and leading to one of its major endings, requires you to accomplish each stage. Once more, our Elden Ring Ranni quest guide (opens in a new tab) should be able to assist you with each stage.)

Return to Ranni’s Rise; you should see Blaidd outside if you have finished Ranni’s quest and obtained the Dark Moon Greatsword from her. You can only get Blaidd’s greatsword and armor set by meeting him here.

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How do I proceed with the Blaidd Questline?

How may Blaidd’s journey in Elden Ring be continued? From this point on, Blaidd’s goal combines with Ranni’s. You must meet Blaidd in the Siofria River area near Hallowhorn Grounds once Ranni summons him (where the dead deer is). When there is no more conversation with him, go to Seluvis’ Rise and chat with Seluvis.

Can the Blaidd questline be failed?

Since Blaidd’s journey is linked to Ranni’s, it will develop in line with her narrative arc. You can continue with both as long as you don’t do anything to irritate her.

Do I let Blaidd go outside?

He will escape on his own if you don’t let him go, thus the decision is essentially pointless whether you let him out or keep him in the prison. Following this, you must complete Ranni’s quest line before completing Blaidd’s.

Can Blaidd’s mission be completed after Radahn?

Blaidd can be discovered at Limgrave’s Forlorn Hound Evergaol after defeating Radahn. When you go there, you’ll see that War Counselor Iji has imprisoned him. Because Iji imprisoned Blaidd in the evergaol before he could reach Nokron, that is why you can’t locate him there.

What makes Blaidd unfriendly, and why?

Blaidd, however, was cursed by the Two Fingers; if Ranni ever disobeyed her destiny, Blaidd would go insane and have an insatiable craving for blood and the urge to kill. He’d become ferocious.

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