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Humble’s Boomer Shooter bundle – One of the better FPS collections I’ve seen

The Best of Boomer Shooters Bundle, which comes with 10 great shooters for only $12, is one of the best cheap game bundles Humble Bundle has put together in a long time, in my opinion.

First and foremost: A “boomer shooter” is any game that harkens back to the 1990s’ old-school masterpieces. Some are straightforward homages with a purposefully outdated visual aesthetic, while others spruce up classic gameplay with the latest in slick new graphics. It’s a little hazy, but if you’re bunny-hopping and blasting everything that looks like it might move, and your hand is tight after the level is through, you’re probably playing a boomer shooter.

Returning to the topic at hand, the new Humble Bundle is all about that. There are three tiers to pick from, but only one is genuinely worthwhile. Hellbound is a fast-paced, Doom-like heavy metal shooter that costs $1. (If you want to play with it. investing that one money, there’s a demo on Steam.) You’ll get Hellbound plus Hedon Bloodrite and Project Warlock for beating the average bundle price of $11.58, which I haven’t played and can’t remark on.

The top layer is where things start to get interesting. You get all three for $12, which is less than 50 cents more than the three-game package.

  • Amid evil,
  • Dusk.
  • Dread Templar
  • Hot
  • Ion Fury

I don’t want to exaggerate, but that is a fantastic offer. In our evaluations, we gave Dusk and Amid Evil excellent marks. Ion Fury is the Duke Nukem game we should’ve gotten. Hot is an extraordinary and brutally harsh minimalist voyage across an Eastern Bloc country in an alternate reality of 1986.

In my perspective, each of those games is worth the price of admission (I haven’t played Dread Templar yet, but it seems interesting), and they all generally sell for well over $12, except for Project Warlock precisely $12. If you’re a shooter enthusiast, buying them all is a deal you shouldn’t pass up.

Elden Dave’s Twite On Boomer Shooter bundle

There are also two discounts in the bundle: 10% off Prudes, a crazily violent blend of modern technology and old aesthetics, and 25% off Ultra kill, the game we dubbed “even more metal than Doom”—both of these are terrific shooters as well.

Boomer Shooter by Humble will be available till March 25. A portion of the revenues will be split between the Able Gamers charity and a charity of your choice.

The complete list of things included in the current Humble bundle can be found below.

Dusk – In this heavy metal-infused FPS, fight supernatural backwater cultists, possessed militants, and other terrible forces.

Amid Evil – Battle ferocious adversaries with badass weaponry to save seven vivid realms.

Ion Fury – Shelley “Bombshell” Harrison sets out on an explosive quest to defeat an evil mastermind and his cybernetic cult on the streets of Neo DC. Carnage is galore!

Hedon Bloodrite – Hedon 1 and Hedon 2 combine into a 20-hour single-player experience in this game. It combines brutal, fast-paced combat with puzzle-solving tasks and immersive exploration in one package.

Project Warlock – Wreak havoc as a strange warlock and traverse 60 fascinating levels. There are up to 38 weapons to collect and numerous epic confrontations with adversaries and gigantic bosses.

Dread Templar – This bloodthirsty FPS combines modern shooter aspects with 90s classics. Fight demon hordes, solve puzzles, and change your weapons and talents to fit your playstyle. There are also numerous hidden weapons and areas to explore.

Hrot – This single-player first-person shooter pays homage to Homeric shooters from the 1990s. You begin in a civil defence shelter deep beneath Prague, where you must uncover secrets, battle monsters, and maintain peace in a dystopian world.

Hellbound– Play as Hellgore and shoot Doom-inspired BFGs as you fight against demons in Hell- all while rocking out to an

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