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Circle K Game Instant Win App & Rewards & Other Promotions 2022+, The latest Circle K game has begun. Can I persuade you with the words GAS DISCOUNTS if you’re not playing?Circle K recently added the ability to get a substitute prize if your original choice isn’t available.Through their app, text offers, or website, Circle K offers instant win games, gas discounts, freebies, prizes, promotions, and other benefits. Games with an instant payout have several winners every time. Here are the current events.

New Circle K Game

The instant win game at Circle K has resumed. From July 6 through September 2, 2022, it runs.

May play one game each day.

You must enter a working mobile number the first time you play. You will also need to use the verification code they send when you win your first prize, but you won’t need to do it again. Don’t give up if it takes a little longer the first time you play/win. After that, every day is speedy.

Move your finger across two matching boxes once everyone has signed up for the first time to check if you won.

It will immediately display your winnings, although this isn’t always correct. Sometimes something will appear a little while later and offer you an option between two prizes. Look closely because some of the offers are BOGO deals rather than freebies. Once you click the desired one, you can redeem it.

Your “Wallet” will hold the award, valid for three days. Access to your wallet is described below.

You also enter the $10,000 grand prize drawing every time you play.

The game resets early due to Arizona’s time zone (depending on the season, but generally between 9 and 10 pm), not at midnight.

Your Circle K Wallet and Redeem Instant Win Prize can be found where?

Your prize will be in your “Wallet” if you win the Circle K instant win game. The website where you play the game has your wallet in the navigation bar (three lines in the top left corner), not in their app.

You will receive a verification code through text message the first time you access it. After that, you won’t need to undergo an additional verification step to access your wallet.

You can also access it by clicking the “Go to Prize Wallet” button next to your prize.

You will click “Redeem” under the prize you won when you are at Circle K.

Since you only have five minutes to use the offer after clicking it, wait to open the following link until you are sure you are about to check out (or when they start ringing it up). You can select the first “Redeem” link that appears next to the earlier award. If you don’t want your timer to start, don’t click the next one that appears.

Close the offer only once you are sure that it has been accepted. They need to rescan it occasionally when something goes wrong. You won’t be able to reopen the offer if you close it before it is received.

As opposed to the past, I will not send your award to you through text.

Can I give someone else your Circle K prize?

Now that you’ve won, you can give it to someone else! On your award in your Prize Wallet, look for the green arrow. After clicking it, you have various options on how to send it. You send a message to the recipient saying, “I won…. and want to present it to you.” A link to redeem their award is provided to them.

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What if the reward I won at Circle K isn’t available?

If a reward you won from Circle K is no longer available, you can tap “Product not available?” must click the first “Redeem” button on your gift before you can see it. After that, you’ll have a different choice, most likely a Polar Pop, though it may differ.

What prizes are up for grabs in the Circle K Instant Win Game?

The rewards for the contest, which is open until September 2, 2022, are listed below.

You are also automatically entered into the $10,000 grand prize drawing each time you play. Shortly after the game concludes, the drawing will take place.

Circle K Instant Win & Grand Prize List

  • Coffee Hot/Iced
  • Polar Pop
  • Polar Pop BOGO
  • Froster
  • Fuel Save 10¢, 15¢, 20¢, 25¢, or 30¢
  • Froster BOGO
  • Roller Grill
  • Roller Grill BOGO
  • Coffee Hot/Iced BOGO
  • Pizza
  • Pizza BOGO
  • Sugar Cookie
  • Lollipop
  • Circle K Pie
  • Circle K Pork Rinds
  • Circle K Breakfast or Lunch Sandwich
  • BOGO Circle K Breakfast or Lunch Sandwich
  • Aguas Frescas
  • Sunkist
  • Sunkist BOGO
  • Monster Rehab
  • Monster Rehab BOGO
  • Mountain Dew Baha blast
  • Mountain Dew Purple Thunder
  • $250 Circle K Gift Card (weekly chance)

Random Drawing at Promotion End – Grand Win Prize

$10,000 Circle K Gift Card

How can you save money at Circle K on petrol or receive coupons?

The following are some ways that Circle K customers can save money on gas:

  • Play their instant win game.
  • Join their Easy Pay program.
  • Use grocery Fuel Points.
  • Use the app Upside.

For Circle K Text Offers, how do you register?

SMS COFFEE to 31310 to start receiving text offers from Circle K. A complimentary coffee will be provided to you, but there’s more! You may receive sporadic offers from them for freebies or discounts on gas. For freebies and other fantastic promotions, ensure you’re also using their app and playing their game.

Choosing to participate is also an option when playing the Circle K game.

Strikeout Dbacks Meter for Freebies!

Check your Circle K app after every 2022 Arizona Diamondbacks season home game to see if you won the Strikeout meter reward. The “Deals” tab will display prizes. The different components will depend on how many strikeouts they have had. You may win goodies like a Polar Pop, snacks, doughnuts, and pretzels with peanut butter.

$2 off in Circle K App on/near Holidays

During the holidays, Circle K frequently offers $2 off any purchase. The promotion may be valid for a day or longer in some cases.

Noting that this hasn’t appeared recently, we can only hope the deals will surface again soon.

No matter how much you spend, the $2 has been deducted; however, anything could change at any time. They might give you a chance if you buy something for less than $2. It’s advisable to spend the total amount because you could have to beg for your shift and they might refuse it.

Technically, the coupon states that you must spend $2 to utilise it, so they might eventually start enforcing that.

These may also appear randomly, although checking around holidays is a good idea.

They give out a lot of “holidays.” There have been offers on Tax Day, Cinco de Mayo, etc. When you think there could be something important on the national calendar, check.

How do the Circle K mobile app and Easy Rewards programme function?

You receive $2 for free on your birthday and anniversary, there are coupons and sweepstakes, and it keeps track of bonus incentives in addition to tracking points. And occasionally, you might even receive additional freebies!

How do Easy Rewards work to earn Circle K Points?

You must sign up for Easy Rewards on your smartphone or by connecting your keychain or credit card to your account.

You will receive 10 points for every gallon of gas you buy and 20 points for every dollar you spend on non-alcoholic beverages and food when you scan your card or barcode. Two thousand points will get you $2 in Circle K cash. Most shops give you cash back if you spend less than that.

You must have location settings enabled for some benefits to appear; otherwise, they won’t.

Reward Points at Circle K for Polar Pops, Coffee, and More

Scan your barcode or card each time you shop to keep track of how many specific things you buy to receive bonus prizes and earn points for the money you spend (up to $2 in incentives).

You receive one free when you purchase a certain amount of particular things. The current deals are listed under the “Rewards” tab.

For instance, the eleventh Polar Pop is free if you purchase ten. Or the sixth hot beverage is complimentary if you buy five of them. There are plenty of others, so check your app’s “Rewards” page to see if any of them are things you frequently buy.

Circle K App Birthday Bonuses: Freebies & More

Don’t forget to include your birthday when signing up for the Circle K app. You will be given $2. The validity is 30 days. Don’t forget to check your app a few days after your birthday. Most shops will provide the change if you only want something minor, like a Polar Pop, if you don’t feel like making a significant purchase.

Added birthday advice: Do you enjoy freebies on your birthday? Here is a lengthy list of freebies for Arizona birthdays. Some only ask you to show up with your ID, while others ask you to sign up. Find your favourite people and make the most of them every year!

Additionally, you will receive an additional $2 on your sign-up anniversary. They’re sweet little extras!

Check your app on weekends and holidays as well. On such Saturdays, they appear to offer $2 off almost everything.

Circle K Senior Discount

Every month on the first Wednesday, seniors receive $1 off any $1 purchase. You may find this on your app’s “Rewards” menu.

Check the “Deals” page for additional freebies, coupons, contests, and details on store promotions.

You may find offers for gifts or discounts on particular purchases when purchasing specific things.

There will occasionally be a bonus for checking in or other purposes. Look around just before or during holidays.

What does the gas station’s Circle K Easy Pay sign mean?

A Circle K gas card called Easy Pay connected to your bank account is utilised. You scan it at the pump to immediately save 10 per gallon.

You will also save 20 cents per gallon for the first 60 days or 100 gallons for 30 cents per gallon.

Before you can start receiving your extra savings, you must join. Once your cards are linked, you can take advantage of all the benefits.

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