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Destiny 2 : A Complete Guide Of Shattered Throne map and dungeon

Destiny 2: A Complete Guide Of Shattered Throne map and dungeon, If you use our Shattered Throne guide and map, you’ll be able to get rid of Vorgeth and Dul Incaru without going crazy. destiny2, destiny game ,destiny2 gameplay, how to play destiny2, Destiny, destiny the game, destiny 2 pc

Destiny 2
Destiny 2 : A Complete Guide Of Shattered Throne map and dungeon 34

A dungeon is the closest thing Destiny 2 has to one. The Shattered Throne is the closest thing it has to one Strike are simple missions that can repeatedly do. On the other hand, The Shattered Throne is more like a mini-raid, with two bosses with unique mechanics and huge environments to explore. You can only get it once every three weeks if you’re a character.

If you don’t like raiding (Destiny 2 witch Queen), Shattered Throne is the best thing to do in the game, both for loot and fun. This guide will show you how to get through each part of the dungeon, with tips that will make the main fights much easier.

First, you’ll need to get to the dungeon’s entrance to start your journey so that you can begin. It’s the quickest way to get to Shattered Throne to head straight from the Dreaming City’s landing zone while clinging to the left side of the wall. Keep going until you come to the big building where the Oracle is, and then you can go inside. To its left, you’ll find a bridge next to a path that goes down a cliff.

Maintain this course of action until you reach a portal, then turn around and return. Follow the hallways until you come to a room with only a small beam of light running through it. Could you go through it? It’s in the back of this room. Use this GIF if you get lost: (destiny 2 beyond light)

Part 1: The Labyrinth

Destiny 2: Shattered Throne map and dungeon guide
Destiny 2 : A Complete Guide Of Shattered Throne map and dungeon 35

During your time in Ascendant Realm, you’ll need a map. So I made one. It should be better than the MS Paint ones that are going around. The map shows the first and most difficult part of the Shattered Throne, also called the labyrinth, because it is very difficult. Make sure you clean out all seven temples marked on our map in the labyrinth.

Then, do it in a certain way. Every time, the order is different, so it’s important to know how the temples are linked together. Because of that, you will always start and finish at the lower, middle temple marked by the “dive-bird” symbol.

As soon as you start the fight, keep going straight until you reach the diving bird temple. Then, kill the yellow-bar ultra in the inside of the temple. Another symbol will show up on the floor at some point. You can find that symbol on the map. Then, go to the temple next. Find your way back to the diving bird cathedral by following our map. Do this until you get back to the diving bird cathedral. The last mini-boss will appear. In this case, kill it to get your powerful loot. Then, go down to the next part.

Many people find it hard to stay where they are in this situation. It’s not that hard to kill the temple bosses on their own. Most can be shot with ease. Taken Thralls and Taken Phalanxes can be found on the ground and on some floating platforms, so are careful when you’re on the basis. It would help if you were especially wary of Hobgoblins taken. They will appear all over the labyrinth, and you should be especially careful. They’ve abruptly ended more solo runs that were perfect than some bosses. I’m telling you that. Otherwise, follow the map and shoot things slowly.

Part 2: The Hike (Destiny 2)

At the bottom of the hole, there’s a straight path. Follow the trail until you come to an open area again. Something with a good range will help you eliminate the Taken Vandals shooting at you from above. There is nothing else you can do. You can keep moving forward. Then, when you reach the top, you’ll see another miniboss in front of a very big door. You already know what to do.

Destiny 2: Shattered Throne map and dungeon guide
Destiny 2 : A Complete Guide Of Shattered Throne map and dungeon 36

This door opens onto a lengthy corridor lined with a broken bridge running through the center. Taken Hobgoblins and Knights can be found around the distant walls, and Taken Phalanx can be found on the bridge. You’ll need a bow, a sniper rifle, or another long-range weapon. The majority of Hobgoblins and Knights are easily identifiable.

The majority of Hobgoblins and Knights are easily recognizable from the doorway. Push up against the room’s boundaries, snipe the Phalanx in the middle, and jump over to the bridge. Before proceeding up, ambush the remaining Hobgoblins, then take the left path. (destiny)

Now it’s time for more frightening platforming, inspired by Dark Souls. You’ll arrive in a vast cavern with crisscrossing thin beams. (destiny) It would be best to go to the doorway on the far left of the chamber without falling to your death, as you may have predicted. Taken Ogres will spawn on some circular platforms as you progress up. These Ogres will knock you out in a flash, so back up and have your sniper ready as soon as you see or hear them spawning.

Pick them off from outside their range. Rotating Taken orbs will spawn on some of the platforms, but you can dodge them by judiciously leaping between the beams. You should get to the conclusion quite easily if you deal with the Ogres quickly and watch your jumps.

Destiny 2: Shattered Throne map and dungeon guide
Destiny 2 : A Complete Guide Of Shattered Throne map and dungeon 37

The following segment flashes to the original Destiny’s Crota’s End raid. Simply, it’s a corridor brimming with Shadow Thrall. Your only goal is to make it to the end, but you’ll be repressed the entire time, which means you won’t be able to run, double-jump, or naturally regenerate health. To completely bulldoze this dungeon area, all you need is your favorite source of alternate healing, such as a Warlock healing rift, the Hunter Exotic Worm husk Crown, or the Exotic hand cannon Crimson. (Shattered Throne map and dungeon)

Maintain contact with one another, hug the left wall, and grasp W. It’s not that difficult. If you find yourself cornered, throw an AoE grenade. Make your way to the end of the corridor and jump through the shimmering barrier to enter a small chamber. Proceed to the distant cathedral to begin the next encounter.

Part 3 : Vorgeth, the Boundless Hunger

It’s time to face Shattered Throne’s first boss. Forget is a huge Taken Ogre guarded by four Wizards, each with their army of adversaries. The objective of this battle is to kill Vorgeth’s Wizard guards, gather the orbs they drop and place all four spheres in one of the arena’s lamps. Vorgeth’s shield will be reduced, allowing you to DPS him. Let’s go over the fight because getting to that stage necessitates a lot of smart timing and cover shooting. (destiny)

You’ll be trapped between two Wizards when you initially descend, one to your left and one on the wall to your right. The four Taken opponents guarding each Wizard—two Vandals and two Goblins—can deploy shields, so you’ll want to deal with them first. Use the pillars to your right where you started the game to protect yourself from Vorgeth and the Wizard. You want to kill the Wizard on your left as quickly as possible, so don’t be afraid to slam it.

When a Wizard dies, a purple orb is dropped, which grants the Petitioner’s Mark buff. To extinguish a lamp, you’ll need four stacks of this perk, but you’ll lose all of them if you die. At the same time, you’ll perish unless you receive a new orb and refresh your buff every 45 seconds. Put another way, you have 45 seconds from when you pick up a ball to kill the next Wizard. (destiny)
With that in mind, hold off on grabbing the first orb. Instead, concentrate on the next Wizard and his guards. Grab the sphere and push up, traveling counterclockwise around the arena once you’ve killed a few of them. This approach cuts down on downtime while also reducing your exposure to Vorgeth.

Bring a long-range void weapon because the Wizards have void shields. In a group, almost anything will work, and the Hammerhead machine gun will devour both Wizards and Vorgeth. You can also solo this fight with the Subtle Calamity void energy bow. The Vandals and Goblins will be one-shot, but the Wizards’ shields will be two-shot. You can also seek cover while charging your shot.

Move from Wizard to Wizard, timing your orbs correctly. When a sphere is collected, everyone gains Petitioner stacks, so only one person needs to survive the entire phase. You will change your bonus to Petitioner’s Burden when you’ve collected all four spheres. It’s now time to light the lanterns. Move up to one distance from Vorgeth’s current location, extinguish it, and retreat to DPS Vorgeth. (destiny)

The Whisper of the Worm and machine guns are extremely powerful in this area. To get supers, use Celestial Nighthawk Golden Gun, Chaos Reach, or Well of Radiance. Titans can use Melting Point and Hammer of Sol to attack. During this phase, Vorgeth will fire volleys of homing shadow orbs at you,(destiny) killing you if you don’t shoot them down. If you feel the need, appoint someone to be the orb wrangler. You only need to kill three orbs to be safe, although shooting all four isn’t bad. You can safely ignore the orbs if you’re in a Well of Radiance. Destiny

In the first DPS cycle, try to kill Vorgeth. The second Wizard rotation will be considerably tougher because you’ll be exposed when the DPS cycle stops. If you do not immediately assassinate him, take cover, melt the nearest Wizard, and start working counterclockwise again. You’ll acquire your stuff when Vorgeth dies.

Part 4: Dul Incaru (beyond light)

The rest of the journey is long but straightforward. There are a lot of adversaries and several risky jumps using wall-mounted boppers that can knock you off ledges, but it’s nothing new or sophisticated. Follow the evil guys and keep climbing. You’ll finally reach a small temple region home to the Shattered Throne’s last boss, Dul Incaru, the Eternal Return. Let’s go over the mechanics. She’s easier than Vorgeth, but she’s also a different fight.

Three Taken Champions—that is, big-ass knights—guard Dul Incaru. When these Champions die, they drop orbs, which you’ll need to DPS Dul Incaru. (destiny) Because the buff provided by these orbs is only temporary, try to slay all three Champions simultaneously and then collect their balls. Dul Incaru will conjure a crystal in the back of the room that will make the Champions immune if you slay them too long.

If this happens, kill the crystal as soon as possible with a shotgun and then return to the Champions. Taken Psions will spawn throughout the encounter, and if left alone, they will increase, therefore destroying them as soon as possible. (destiny)

Destiny 2: Shattered Throne map and dungeon guide
Destiny 2 : A Complete Guide Of Shattered Throne map and dungeon 38

The teeny-tiny arena is the main challenge here. It doesn’t provide much cover from Dul Incaru’s strikes, and it’s so small that you can’t get far away from the Taken Champions. When the action starts, get out of the front entryway and move to one of the sides for more coverage. Because Champions are so easy to headshot, Whisper of the Worm is ideal for killing them. It also staggers them. Destiny
Start damaging Dul Incaru once you have all three orbs—at least two, but three is best. Use the same weapons and abilities as you did for Vorgeth. This fight has a massive bonus, so you’ll certainly light her up no matter what you use. For example, with three orbs, Whisper of the Worm deals one million damage to each headshot.

So, she’ll most likely die in a single DPS cycle.
Dull should die shortly after taking the final orb if everything goes according to plan. Voila! The shattered throne has fallen. Now try it on your own. Then try it without dying on your own. This guide’s methods will work for both groups and solo players, so good luck.

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