How To Enable Elden Ring Ultrawide screen Support

Elden Ring Ultrawide: With the immense beauty, it encompasses, the world of Elden Ring is regarded as one of the most alluring and artistically attractive places. Although the aesthetics and locales of the game have received high praise, some players are still incensed by the lack of widescreen support.

Elden Ring Ultrawide
Elden Ring Ultrawide

Widescreen support will not be added any time soon, according to the game’s makers, FromSoftware, so players must be patient. The PC gaming community has created a mod called Flawless Widescreen to address this problem.

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial for adding Elden Ring Ultrawide support in Elden Ring using the Flawless Elden Ring Ultrawide screen patch.

Download And Install Flawless Ultrawide screen

Elden Ring Ultrawide
Elden Ring Ultrawide

Obtaining the Flawless Widescreen program from their website is the first step. Verify that you download the most recent version and select the one that corresponds with your Windows version.

Please install the application in the directory of your choice after downloading it.

Setting Up Flawless Ultrawide screen

Elden Ring Ultrawide
Elden Ring Ultrawide

It’s time to set up the program with your game once you have it operating.

When you launch the program, an interface will appear on your screen. The plugins are available for every game the application supports and are displayed on the interface’s left side.

Search for Elden Ring under the Available Plugins – FWS Plugins and click on it. You can now choose the settings from the main UI after it has moved to the Installed Plugins – FWS Plugins section.

The settings that you must modify are as follows:

Fix Enabled

To enable or disable Widescreen Support, you must check this box.

Framerate Adjustment

To get the most fps your gear can handle, make sure you boost it up.

The other parameters, including Vignette Adjustment and FOV Adjustment, can be fiddled with to suit your tastes.

After making your selections for the necessary settings, click Acknowledge and Ignore to finish the configuration.

Disable Easy Anti-Cheat

Elden Ring Ultrawide
Elden Ring Ultrawide

The most important step in adding Elden Ring Ultrawide support is the one where Easy Anti-Cheat is turned off.

The anti-cheat tool will detect the mod and flag your account for using it if you skip this step and launch the game.

Observe these steps to turn off Easy Anti-Cheat:

  • Look for the file eldenring.exe in the game directory where Elden Ring is installed. By selecting Browse Local Files from the Manage sub-category when you right-click the game in your library on Steam, you can find the Elden Ring folder.
  • To create a backup, make a copy of the eldenring.exe file and paste it into a different folder.
  • Find the file named start protected game and rename it to start protected game.old. We must deactivate the Easy Anti-Cheat executable file.
  • Start protected game should be used as the file name instead of eldenring.exe.
  • In the same folder, create a Text Document and fill it with 1245620. Save the folder as a Text Document with the name steam appid.
  • You can launch the game using the start protected game file or through Steam now that you have carefully followed the instructions and removed the Easy Anti-Cheat.

Simply enter the Flawless Widescreen application and choose the Fix Enabled check box to turn off the Flawless Widescreen mod and connect to internet services.

To finish the adjustments, access Steam and check the game files’ integrity.

Elden Ring will now be playable at unlocked FPS on your ultrawide monitor.

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Elden Ring will he become ultrawide?

Elden Ring will now be playable at unlocked FPS on your ultrawide monitor.

How do you play Elden Ring on Reddit’s broadest audience?

“Eldenring.exe” should be copied, pasted, and then renamed “start protected game” Simply create a new folder and name it “Backup exe” before moving the original eldenring.exe there. As a result, faultless Widescreen will function.

Does Elden Ring support Reddit on a global scale?

Elden Ring is not supported by ultrawide: r/ultrawidemasterrace

Is Elden Ring compatible with PS5 Ultra Wide?

Sadly, the 21:9 aspect ratio and support for ultrawide monitors are NOT included in Elden Ring. Instead, the game will be displayed in a 16:9 ratio when a native resolution for 21:9, like 34401440, is chosen.

Is the 16:10 aspect ratio supported by Elden Ring?

Despite the fact that players with (today’s more prevalent) ultrawide displays would already, enticingly, see their Elden Ring load screens rendered in a complete 21:9 aspect ratio, it is perplexing that the creators at FromSoftware limited the game to a 16:9 aspect ratio.

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