Top 16 Best Instagram Followers Trackers [Free Tracking Tool]

Instagram Followers Trackers: Over time, you can develop a substantial Instagram following. Selena Gomez and Cristiano, who both have more than 250 million fans, may not be comparable to you. However, keeping track of who has followed and unfollowed them on Instagram can be challenging for even a casual user.

Using the standard Instagram app, it isn’t easy to manage your followers and keep track of who follows and unfollows you. As a result, developers have developed various apps that offer an improved interface to help you manage your following.

These Instagram follower trackers frequently share names and nearly identical features. Some people emphasize Instagram numbers more. The apps that provide access to your Instagram analytics were previously the subject of a more thorough examination.

Most of these apps are straightforward (and accessible). They can significantly ease the lives of anyone who has a sizable following.

Common Instagram Follower Tracker Tools Features

Tracking who unfollowed you and which users didn’t follow you back is one of the most frequent things you’ll discover on an Instagram follower tracker. This is useful if you prefer to keep track of who you follow and who follows you back or if you want to know who your mutual followers are.

About mutual, the following tracker can frequently assist you in locating buddies. With these tools, you can discover persons who have similar followers to you or who follow accounts that you often engage with. It’s excellent for establishing relationships, growing your private account,Instagram Followers Trackers, and networking in general.

Knowing which followers have never liked or commented on your posts will help you keep an eye on account activity. By following your as many accounts but never engaging with your material,Instagram Followers Trackers, these users, often known as “ghost followers,” diminish your engagement rate. Monitoring your number of “ghost followers” can be helpful.

You can use follower trackers to observe who consistently likes or comments on your friends’ Instagram posts to grow your following on the platform. In addition to defining your target audience, this might help you determine the kinds of users you want using your account.

An Instagram follower tracker can display your most popular material by placing more emphasis on your account. If you know the types of material that are most (or least) popular with your followers, you can use this knowledge to enhance your engagement rates by posting those types of content more frequently. Trial and error is a necessary part of determining the best kind of material, but these tools can be helpful during that process.

Many follower trackers may also display which of your posts have received the most comments. Similar information helps determine which of your users’ material generates the most engagement. Therefore, having an Instagram follower tracker could be helpful if you want to conduct a contest or get lots of likes on a post for any purpose.

Finally, frequently tagged users in your photos can be seen using Instagram follower trackers. To develop your target audience and optimise the information you produce, inactive accounts, Instagram Followers Trackers, knowing which visitors are attracted to your account can be helpful.

Instagram Followers Trackers

1. Follower Analyzer

You may get pertinent analytics on your Instagram followers using Follower Analyzer. You may track new followers, locate people with whom you have something in common, Instagram Followers Trackers and check who has unfollowed you and who has not followed you back. Instagram Followers Trackers, You can see which of your followers have never liked or commented on one of your posts and who has consistently done so on postings from your friends. You can view your most popular status updates, comments, and frequently tagged users.

The Follower Analyzer is incredibly user-friendly and has a lot of appealing features. It provides you with information about the most recent unfollowers. When someone unfollows you, this app immediately tells you.

Additionally, Follower Analyzer keeps tabs on your followers’ advancement and generates data and an overview. It provides you with Instagram Followers Trackers data such as the specific number of likes and comments on your article, the most active followers, and so forth. You can also choose a subscription for $7.99 per month if you require more in-depth examination.

Follower Analyzer
Follower Analyzer – Instagram Followers Trackers

Multiple account sign-ins, a limitless profile analyzer, and the removal of your adverts are all available as optional premium purchases.


2. Followers & Unfollowers Analytics for Instagram (WowMaking)

This app makes it incredibly simple to follow and unfollow users. They provide an Instagram tracker that you can use to learn various metrics about your Instagram account. Ads and in-app purchases are available on the app for more sophisticated features.

You can find ghost followers, see who has unfollowed you, see who is following you rather than just a robot, and find out which of your articles are the most popular.

Followers & Unfollowers Analytics for Instagram
Followers & Unfollowers Analytics for Instagram – Instagram Followers Trackers

Examining how your audience responds to your shared content can help you control and monitor the popularity of your posts.


3. Followers for Instagram! (Component Studios)

To find out who has followed and unfollowed you, who isn’t following you back, and who you aren’t following back, use Followers for Instagram.

Most functions are accessible for free, but some in-app purchases are available, including the ability to view prohibited Instagram users, recover deleted follower comments and likes, and buy Perception, Involvement, and Monitoring upgrade packs.

Followers for Instagram
Followers for Instagram – Instagram Followers Trackers

You may follow and unfollow people directly from the app, which is user-friendly. Instagram Followers Trackers, It can help you identify and remove any errant false followers on your list.


4. Followers Insights for Instagram (MonoMosaic)

Another popular app, it has received more than 150,000 5-star reviews and a grade of 4.5 overall.

Although some functions are accessible, several more premium features require an additional fee.

Using the app, you can:

  • Find out who you have acquired and lost as a follower.
  • Identify the blockers
  • Unfollow those who have stopped following you.
  • Keep track of your most devoted fans.
  • Track numerous Instagram accounts
  • Identify your spies, possible spammers, and inactive users.
  • Salutations to your finest supporters
  • There is a lot of advertising in the app.
 Followers Insights for Instagram
Followers Insights for Instagram – Instagram Followers Trackers


5. Followers Tools for Instagram (CC Soft)

You may manage your Instagram account more effectively with the help of Followers Tools for Instagram, which offers a lot of information. Like most apps discussed here, you may download the program for free, though there are adverts, and then purchase more features as add-ons.

You have unlimited ability to follow, unfollow, block, and unblock your followers on the main app. With a different list, you can also set it to unfollow automatically. The number of new followers, followers, lost followers / unfollowers, and followers / unfollows can all be kept track of. You can view the people you have blocked and those who have stopped you.

The app also offers a tonne of statistics, including information on trends and your overall number of posts, likes, comments, follows, and followers.

Analysis of photos and videos is one of the paid features. This covers statistics on the media content that has received the most and least likes (based on preferences and/or comments).

Followers Tools for Instagram
Followers Tools for Instagram – Instagram Followers Trackers

User engagement is the emphasis of another premium feature. This information reveals which of your supporters are the most and most minor engaged in terms of likes and comments. You can also unfollow any of the ghost followers on the list that is provided.


6. FollowMeter for Instagram (BeakerApps)

To manage your Instagram followers, FollowMeter for Instagram includes a user-friendly interface.

FollowMeter offers features such as identifying accounts that do not follow you back, the title of the unfollowers who frequently watch your stories, the identification of your secret fans, your top likers, ghost followers, blocked accounts, and so on.

This programme provides capabilities to manage your Instagram followers and an appealing user interface. You can choose memberships for $4.99 for one month or $17.99 for six months to access additional services.

You will receive the following information for nothing from it:

FollowMeter for Instagram
FollowMeter for Instagram – Instagram Followers Trackers
  • number of the non-followers increased number of followers dropped
  • your favorite and most miniature favorite images and videos
  • all of your likes
  • all of your comments
  • your typical likes
  • your typical remarks
  • You will be highlighted in the app’s Discover section for all users to see if you choose to pay a supplemental fee (and hopefully follow).


7. Ghost Unfollowers for Instagram & Fake I.G. Clean (Prakash Desai)

This app allows you to unfollow lurkers who are passive on Instagram and don’t engage with you. These people are known as “ghost followers.” Both humans and social media algorithms can make ghost accounts. They make no difference to how well your Instagram account performs. Scammers frequently create ghost accounts with made-up profiles.

With this app, you can monitor the latest 100 posts made by followers who don’t interact with you at all.

Ghost Unfollowers for Instagram & Fake I.G. Clean
Ghost Unfollowers for Instagram & Fake I.G. Clean – Instagram Followers Trackers

You can track and remove your Instagram unfollowers with the app. Up to 60 users can be carried out by our bulk unfollows every hour.


8. Reports + Followers Analytics for Instagram (Mobile X)

Reports +’s free version offers several tools to enhance your Instagram experience. These include:

Reports + Followers Analytics for Instagram
Reports + Followers Analytics for Instagram – Instagram Followers Trackers
  • Account-specific analytics
  • Follower gains and losses should be tracked.
  • Monitor your after-performance
  • Track engagement, improve, and plan your posts.
  • Find out who your most devoted Instagram followers are and which of your pals gave your posts the most likes.
  • You can get more account details if you pay for a premium add-on.


9. Tracker for Instagram Followers & Unfollowers (Quadro Tools)

Tracker for Instagram Followers & Unfollowers is a name for this software that accurately describes what it does. You can use it to learn more about the people following you (or who have recently unfollowed you). This app has received polarised reviews, with 878 users giving it a 5-star rating and 383 giving it a 1-star rating. Before making an in-app purchase, you should probably give it a try first.

You will have to put up with advertisements, like most of these apps.

Tracker for Instagram Followers & Unfollowers
Tracker for Instagram Followers & Unfollowers – Instagram Followers Trackers

It offers a thorough Instagram report that includes analytics, likes, followers, unfollowers, ghost followers, secret lovers, and stalkers. Information about your most popular posts (likes and reposts), followers and unfollowers, comments and likes, profile views, and more are included in the statistics.


10. Unfollow for Instagram – Unfollowers & Fans (Unfollow App)

This straightforward tool lets you keep track of Instagram users who unfollow you. You can also unfollow people individually or in groups using this feature.

Even though this program is more straightforward than many others on this page, it performs exactly what it promises. You may quickly locate your unfollowers or unfollow specific users with a few clicks.


11. Unfollow Users for Instagram (Xiuxin Soft Team)

Another straightforward, free app that delivers on its promise is this one. The people you follow but don’t follow back are displayed on your home page. Directly from the app, you can unfollow them one at a time or ten at a time.

Untitled design 9 2
Unfollow Users for Instagram – Instagram Followers Trackers


12. Unfollowers & Ghost Followers – Follower Insight

Unfollowers & Followers Analytics for Instagram has an average rating of 4.5 on Google Play and more than 40,000 5-star reviews, so it’s clear that users like it.

Unfollow Users for Instagram
Unfollowers & Ghost Followers – Instagram Followers Trackers

It has a relatively long list of features, such as

  • listing your ghost followers, recent unfollowers, shared followers, and unfollowers you no longer follow
  • the chance to take part in a global shout-out
  • an opportunity to participate in a media promotion
  • being able to include users on an allowlist
  • may follow or unfollow users from the app
  • The app is ad-supported yet free.


13. Unfollowers & Ghost Followers for Instagram (Follow Cop)

It’s a little strange that this software is referred to as Follow Cop on the page description but is listed on Google Play as Unfollowers & Ghost Followers for Instagram(Instagram Followers Trackers).

You may remove false followers from your list with the Unfollowers & Ghost Followers software. These followers are ghost followers if you have many followers but no activity on the post. They continue to use Instagram, but they don’t engage in any collaborations remove ghost followers.

Even some crooks construct ghost accounts with phoney profiles. This tool can keep tabs on followers who don’t engage with your most recent postings. You can track and eliminate your Instagram unfollowers using this software.

With Follow Cop, “be a cop of your Instagram profile.” it seeks to be a complete Instagram administration tool.

Untitled design 11 2
Unfollowers & Ghost Followers for Instagram – Instagram Followers Trackers

The app is ad-supported and free. Among Instagram Followers Trackers its attributes are:

  • Your unfollowed people
  • the capacity to shout out to the world
  • may accommodate three Instagram accounts.
  • Those that don’t follow you back
  • newly unfollowed(best instagram follower trackers)
  • You can utilize ghost followers to make an allowlist of your favorite users, so you don’t unfollow them by accident.
  • Your top commentators and likers
  • Likes: “Speechless”
  • able to unfollow up to 20 individuals at once (with no hourly limits)
  • Filtering ability for mutual followers, phony followers, and fake following


14. Unfollowers for Instagram Lost (Elegant)

You may find your unfollowers (both non-followers and lost followers) on Instagram with the aid of the free Unfollowers for Instagram Lost tool. The app detects and highlights those people you follow who don’t follow you back. Additionally, Instagram Followers Trackers , you may configure it to emphasize those you forget to follow back.

Untitled design 12 1
Unfollowers for Instagram Lost – Instagram Followers Trackers


15. Tracker for Instagram (Appyfurious LLC)

Using a tracker, you can keep track of followers you’ve gained and lost on Instagram account. You can keep track of your most popular posts; most liked instagram posts, Instagram fake followers trackers and most commented-on images and videos.

Untitled design 13 1
Tracker for Instagram – Instagram Followers Trackers

Tracker for Instagram can be used to monitor follower activity.

Although the instagram follower tracker apps is free, premium access costs US$9.99 per month. It gives you access to more information, including your favorite media posts, “stalkers,” ghost followers, blockers, best likers, and best commenters.

Before downloading the app, it might be worthwhile to read the reviews as users are divided; the most popular ratings are one star and five stars.


16. Who Unfollowed (Webilisim)

Although Who Unfollowed is a free app, you can pay to advertise to all 200,000 people.

For as many profiles as you’d want, you may check Instagram to see who unfollowed you. In addition, it will display a list of your ghost followers and recent unfollowers. You have a few customization options, follower tracker app, fake followers, so you may make it your own.

Who Unfollowed
Who Unfollowed – Instagram Followers Trackers

There are no hourly limits here, in contrast to some of the other instagram follower tracker app. You are free to unfollow whatever many individuals you want in a single session.


Top Benefits of Instagram Follower Tracker Tools Features

You may find out more about your followers using an Instagram follower tracker multiple instagram accounts . With the help of the above elements, you can determine which of your Instagram Followers Trackers followers are the most active, what kinds of content they are most likely to interact with and which other accounts they are following Instagram Followers Trackers. You may compile and evaluate this data to help create content that will attract more genuine Instagram followers.

Instagram Follower Tracker Tools Features
instagram follower tracker app

Additionally, you may use follower trackers to determine who engages with your material, most and least. Knowing this information will help you define your target audience more precisely and modify your material to appeal to them, Instagram Followers Trackers, especially when combined with data on other accounts that your followers are active on. You can determine what kind of users make up the vibrant community on your page by looking at who is most and least active on your account. With this knowledge ,Instagram Followers Trackers, you can modify your account to draw in more users who are interested in your area.

Such a programme also has the advantage of spotting fraudulent Instagram followers. It’s conceivable that an account is operated by a bot and not a genuine person if a user follows your budget but never engages with any of your material by liking or commenting on your posts. instagram app, This can be determined by looking at the account Instagram Followers Trackers. To avoid lowering your engagement rates, it’s a good idea to unfollow any bogus accounts that you find following your page.

A follower tracker also shows you who stopped following you. Some people like monitoring mutual following. Others are just interested in finding out which users stopped following their accounts. Using a tracker tool, you can keep track of the funds that once followed you but no longer do so. These details can also determine which accounts engage more with your material than others.

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What is the best Instagram follower tracker app?

Followers Track for Instagram! Syeda Khaula Saad/Bustle. …
Tracking Instagram Followers. …
Reports+ for Instagram. …
Followers Pro – For Instagram. …
Followers Track, for Instagram. …
Iconosquare. …
Followers Master for Instagram.

How can I find out who follows me on Instagram?

InstaFollow. This is a straightforward application that gives you information specifically about your follower base on mobile devices. It is accessible to iOS and Android users. You’ll have access to the following features after downloading the app and syncing it with your Instagram account: Keep tabs on new followers and unfollowers.

How secure is Instagram follower tracker?

Can You Ever Use Follower Tracking Apps? These apps have a number of difficulties, including dependability and security ones. This indicates that it is not a good idea to download these apps. You’ll still receive inaccurate information even if you download one to check, change your password immediately, and then redownload it.

Exists an Instagram tracker?

You can keep track of followers you’ve gained and lost on Instagram using a tracker. You may keep track of your most popular posts, most liked posts, and most commented on images and videos. Tracker for Instagram can be used to monitor follower activity.

Who has viewed my Instagram, can I see?

Who visits your Instagram profile can be seen? Users of Instagram are unable to view other users’ profile views. There is therefore no way for someone to know who views their photographs if you browse through someone’s profile without like or commenting on a post.

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