Nezuko Kamado – Personality & Abilities

Nezuko Kamado – Personality & Abilities, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, the deuteragonist is Nezuko Kamado (Nezuko Kamado?). She is one of the surviving Kamado family members and Tanjiro Kamado’s younger sister. She is also a demon. She was once a human, but Muzan Kibutsuji attacked her and turned her into a demon.


Nezuko is a small child with a fair complexion, noticeable huge, protruding fangs, and sharp, stiletto nails with a light pink base and ombre fading to a reddish-pink color at the tip where they point. She has long, wavy, black hair. It appears to be crimped into broad, straight ridges and severely worn side-swept to her left. It is just below her waist and turns a flame-orange color as it crosses her elbows.

Nezuko Kamado

She possesses long, noticeably thick eyelashes that can make her pupils appear slit as she transforms, soft-looking pale pink eyes that appear lighter in color around the rims of their irises, and a downward slope toward the sides of her face. Nezuko is occasionally depicted in the manga with many bows. Nezuko was regarded as a remarkable beauty in their hometown, claimed Tanjiro Kamado.

Her asanoha (hemp leaf) patterned light pink kimono, which has a paler pink lining, is fastened with a red and white hanhaba obi with an orange-threaded obijime and a green obiage. She wears long, dark-brown hair that reaches her calves over this, along with a pair of pink-strapped zari and white tabi socks wrapped in thick, black strips that resemble kyahan. Along with the bamboo muzzle, Giyu Tomioka gave Nezuko, which is fastened around her jaw with a strip of red cloth. Nezuko also wears a little pink ribbon on the left side of her head to keep her hair out of her face.

During the battle with Daki, Nezuko changes into her awakened form, which has a larger, curvier, taller frame and hair that extends to her feet. She loses her kimono and haori sleeves, as well as her bamboo muzzle and shoes. She develops a short, white horn with an irregular crack pattern on the right side of her forehead and vein-like patterns next to the horn. Her most prominent new feature is the red and green vine-like pattern that covers her skin and circles around her arms, legs, and torso. She has a vein-like pattern that appears around her left eye.

She looked human, except for her lack of demon-like characteristics, vermilion hair, and pale pink eyes. Instead, Nezuko had dark red eyes that only seemed pale pink around the lower irises, totally black hair that was pulled back in three low buns and accented with pink ribbons. She was dressed in the kimono, but she was missing her hair and carried her younger brother, Rokuta Kamado, on her back by tying a white Onbuhimo fabric around her.


Like her older brother Tanjiro, Nezuko’s original human demeanor was that of a good and compassionate girl who put others before herself. She was also a good older sister to her younger siblings, frequently prioritizing their needs before hers. Nezuko isn’t hesitant to put herself in danger; even after returning to a human state, she still defends her companions from demons. It is also demonstrated that after Tanjiro apologized to her, Nezuko’s kind, relaxed manner reflects this reality.

Nezuko begins as any other demon would—bloodthirsty and ravenous for human flesh—but after witnessing her brother’s desire to shield her from a Demon-Slayer even though she is a demon, she entirely transforms and becomes fiercely protective of him. Nezuko doesn’t seem to have retained her same personality from before her change, acting more like a toddler instead. This contrasts with most demons who can recall every detail of their previous lives as humans.

Even though this is primarily a result of the impact Sakonji Urokodaki’s influence had on her while she was unconscious for two years, she is still highly protective of and kind to people she views as family members. Although she is still far calmer and less vengeful than other demons, Nezuko still exhibits certain human emotions. She has been observed to cry in times of sadness and smile in times of happiness. Nezuko also frequently recognizes Rokuta Kamado in Yushiro as she does in her siblings.

Since turning into a demon, Nezuko seems to have gained more confidence and is not afraid of conflict; she aggressively protects her brother and her allies. Sami Shinazugawa tries to get her to bite him with his Marechi blood. Still, she refuses, demonstrating strong willpower because she will not eat human flesh or blood, even in the face of severe damage or exposure to human blood.

She demonstrates excellent resolve even after she ceases to be a demon when she willfully steps in front of Inosuke to defend him from her brother. He had turned into a demon and was attempting to kill people nearby. Her brother had become a demon. Nezuko did not hesitate to defend her brother despite the possibility that he would have slain her.

Nezuko rarely speaks, and when she does, it’s been observed that she stutters a lot. This might be because she rarely takes her bamboo mouthpiece out since she didn’t talk for a while after her change. Her speech has improved, though, and she can now correctly pronounce words if someone else has recently said them or if she hears them repeated frequently after gaining resistance to sunlight, enabling her to go outside and interact with people more frequently.

Tamayo subsequently admitted that she wasn’t entirely conscious, which is why she put more effort into increasing her sun resistance than retrieving her memories and personality development.

Abilities of Nezuko Kamado

Overall Abilities: Nezuko, though not one of the Twelve Kizuki, is a mighty demon. Her most notable characteristics are her remarkable development rate—possibly caused by the significant amount of blood Muzan Kibutsuji gave her when he transformed Nezuko into a demon—and the fact that she doesn’t require human flesh to survive.

This was demonstrated in numerous battles throughout the series, where she was able to win despite being initially outmatched by her adversaries. She has demonstrated the ability to beat her foes by strengthening her physical prowess, improving her regeneration, or, in emergencies, creating her own Blood Demon Art.

Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko has shown considerable combat prowess and talent in battle despite being a juvenile demon, defeating the Temple Demon or the Swamp Demons. Nezuko’s rapid development also appears to represent Tanjiro’s remarkable growth rate, as she can compete with Upper-Rank demons and take on members of the Twelve Kizuki in months. Her capacity to subdue the sun, which has led the Demon King to refer to her as the “chosen demon,” distinguishes her from all other demons.

Abnormal Demon Physiology: Nezuko is distinguished from all other demons by some unique demonic qualities that make her the “chosen demon.” Most importantly, unlike demons who would have to consume human beings to replenish their power, Nezuko can do it continuously. Instead, she relies only on sleep to replenish her strength, even though doing so would require significant sleep time.

Nezuko also has a remarkable growth rate. As evidenced by the numerous occasions, she becomes stronger without training or human consumption. This capability has been demonstrated to activate even in combat and with significant power enhancements. The clearest example is during her combat with Susamaru, where the Temari demon’s ball assault caused her foot to be blasted off. Still, after regenerating, she was able to confront her in an equal duel by kicking the ball and ultimately defeating her.

  • Awakened Form: Nezuko has the power to go into a frenzied state where she changes into a more demonic version of herself with vine-like tattoos encircling her body and a single horn sprouting from the right side of her forehead. This awakened form significantly improves Nezuko’s physical abilities, and her level of regeneration is also raised to that of the Upper Ranks. When she initially discovered this power during her encounter with Daki, she lost her typical restraint around human blood. She had to have Tanjiro sing her a lullaby to return to normal. Nezuko can exert complete control over this form during the Demon-Slayer’s battle with Hantengu, giving her the advantage in combat while retaining her usual serenity and refraining from feeding on humans.
  • Sunlight Resistance: Nezuko acquired immunity to sunlight during their combat with Upper-Rank Four, Hantengu, a feat unachievable for demons, even by the Demon King. She can entirely walk and move around in the daytime thanks to her immunity to sunlight, which causes Muzan to change his plans to hunt and absorb her to conquer the sun himself.

Blood Control: Nezuko has demonstrated in her Awakened Form that she has excellent control over her blood in addition to her Blood Demon Art. Nezuko managed to control her dismembered limbs and head as she was about to be cut into bits by Daki by rapidly thickening and hardening the blood gushing from them before the streams could break apart.

Nezuko Kamado

Using this, she could command her limbs to grip Daki’s sashes and stop them. Though she did this with blood-tied, floating limbs, the sashes were stopped in their tracks due to the strength with which she could do this action. She could reconnect all of her limbs through those blood streams, allowing her body to rejuvenate.

Immense Regeneration: Nezuko can heal in a split second because of her improved regenerative skills acquired as a demon. She was a somewhat slow regenerator when she initially turned into a demon compared to other demons, and it took her a while to heal slash wounds. But once she was awake, her regeneration power advanced to the point where it was on par with the Upper Ranks, enabling her to instantly reattach her entire torso and body parts and grow new limbs and legs. Then, Nezuko’s regeneration outpaced hers, according to Daki.

Immense Strength: As a demon, Nezuko has naturally heightened physical strength. She was powerful enough to kick another demon in the head while still a demon at the beginning of the series when she first turned into one. Nezuko even overpowered the Swamp Demon with powerful punches and kicks before giving him a punch that caused him to cough up blood. Nezuko focuses on physical force and uses her legs as her primary weapon to kick quickly and powerfully because she lacks any combat experience.

Nezuko had also demonstrated the ability to gain strength when needed, as evidenced by the time she strengthened her legs to repel Susamaru’s handballs despite having had her legs severed previously. She could hold down the Hantengu clones of Upper-Rank Four in her awoken form and kick an Upper-Rank demon through the back.

Size Alteration: Nezuko demonstrated the fundamental capacity to modify her body’s size and height after being changed into a demon. When traveling with Tanjiro during the Day, she could condense herself into the size of a small child to fit inside a tiny box or a basket and hide from the sun, or she could enlarge herself into a much larger shape to be able to fight demons.

Fighting Style

Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Nezuko used her strong legs and pointed nails when fighting. She had the fighting prowess to repel many demons before them, including the Upper-Rank demons in the Twelve Kizuki. Because too much blood could cause her to pass out, she doesn’t employ her Blood Demon Arts as frequently.

Pyrokinesis : 

Nezuko’s Blood Demon Art enables her to produce and control unique, pinkish demonic flames made from her blood. Nezuko can ignite her blood or produce it out of thin air. Her flames possess a unique quality that renders them entirely safe to humans and other objects while only being detrimental to demons and objects with demon origins.

This was demonstrated by the fact that while Tanjiro and the Mugen Train were unaffected by her fire, it did not affect Enmu’s dream spell, Genya Shinazugawa, who had devoured demons, or Rui’s threads. Additionally, it has been seen that her flames partially impair demons’ ability to regenerate, as demonstrated by Daki’s temporary inability to do so after being scorched by her flames.

Nezuko has demonstrated a high level of proficiency in the use of her Blood Demon Art, as evidenced by her ability to burn off Gyutaro’s poison to save Inosuke and Tengen Uzui from death, set demons on fire to increase the power of her attacks, and turn Tanjiro’s Nichirin Sword bright red to give him a crucial advantage over Hantengu’s clones.


  • Exploding Blood: Nezuko can ignite the blood that has left her body, transforming it into fiery red-pink flames poisonous to demons.
  • Heel Bash: Nezuko performs a flip into the air before launching herself downward with an ax kick. The ax kick can crater the ground with enough force on its own.
  • Crazy Scratching: With her nails painted in the crimson-pink flames of her Blood Demon Art, Nezuko launches a barrage of overlapping slashes that culminates in a more significant X-shaped slash with both of her arms.
  • Flying Kick: Nezuko leaps into the air and races at her adversary. She backflips as she approaches her opponent, utilizing the momentum to kick her high into the air.
  • Nails Of Furry: Nezuko delivers a devastating uppercut scratch, leaving pink flame trails in its wake.


  • The initial character of Nezuko’s name, which also appears in the Japanese phrase for a flower called the Japanese Snowball, means “red bean.” The second kanji, a typical feminine suffix that means “child,” contrasts with the first. Her last name’s first kanji represents a typical Japanese wood or charcoal-burning cookstove or furnace, and the second kanji stands for “door.”
  • Her surname, “wood furnace,” is perhaps a tribute to the occupation of her family’s ancestors before they passed away.
  • Demon is the first word in her Japanese voice actor’s name, Akari Kito. (Kito and Nezuko are also the same height (5’0).)
  • According to the surveys, Nezuko has the following popularity rankings:
     With 3,319 votes, Nezuko received third place in the initial popularity survey
    With 5,000 votes, Nezuko received 5,000th in the second popularity poll.
  • Because Tanjiro is not very adept at tying it for her and Nezuko cannot do it herself now, her hair is not bound up now that she is a demon. She has one item of jewelry that Tanjiro can make for her, and because Nezuko doesn’t take it off, it stays on.
  • She is thrilled when Nezuko’s hair is braided like Mitsuri Kanroji’s. After Chapter 105, Tanjiro is seen attempting to braid it for her.
  • Nezuko constantly has family on her mind. There will also be appearances from Zenitsu, Inosuke, and other wonderful people who have treated her well.
  • Takeo once questioned Nezuko about her ideal man before she turned into a demon. My ideal man is like a rook!” she said in response, alluding to the shogi piece with unlimited horizontal and vertical movement.
  • Nezuko excels at the game of rock, paper, and scissors. She always prevails in the game of rock, paper, and scissors when she and her brother must make a decision and cannot agree.
  • Conceit, a type of colorful Japanese sugar confection with small bulges around it, is Nezuko’s preferred snack.
  • About her bamboo muzzle, Nezuko is a character from Kimetsu Academy known to bite baguettes or French bread and keep them in her mouth.

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