The Best Pokémon GO Cliff Guide October 2022

Pokémon GO Cliff Guide: If you’d like a chance to capture the brand-new Shadow Pokémon that this enormous man releases in October 2022. You’ll need to be aware of the top Pokémon GO Cliff counters. Fortunately for you, we’ve updated our tried-and-true guide with some of the top and most popular Pokémon that will help you prevail in battle.

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Pokémon GO Cliff Guide

Following the Power Plant event that altered his lineup the last time around, an occasion associated with this year’s Pokémon GO Fest has changed Team Rocket’s strategy.
Are you seeking out additional Pokémon GO instructions? If you need to battle the other two Team GO Rocket Leaders, we have counters for both Arlo and Sierra. In the same way,Pokémon GO Cliff Guide , if Giovanni is still present, we have counters. Check out our Pokémon GO Legendary Pokémon list for the lowdown on which of them are now available if you merely need to complete your squad.

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Pokemon Go Cliff counters

Pokémon GO Cliff Guide

Trainers of Pokemon have long had to deal with Team Go Rocket Leader Cliff, which is still the case in August 2022.

At the start of every battle, Cliff will send out Bulbasaur first,Pokémon GO Cliff Guide , followed by two of the available six Pokemon. The current lineup he must defeat is:

  • Seedot(Pokémon GO Cliff Guide )
  • Kingler/Hariyama/Poliwrath
  • Tyranitar/Torterra/Sharpedo

1: Seedot counters

Cliff now starts with Seedot, a solely Grass-type Pokemon. Unlike his other starter Pokemon, Seedot allows trainers to quickly exhaust Cliff’s shields or charge up their own Pokemon’s charge attacks. In anticipation of Cliff’s second and third Pokemon, trainers may want to bring a strong Flying-type into battle as they are effective against his Fighting and Grass kinds. Seedot is vulnerable to Poison, Fire, Bug,Pokémon GO Cliff Guide, and Flying-type attacks, Pokémon GO Cliff Guide .

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To defeat Cliff’s Seedot, trainers of Pokemon can take the following examples into battle:

Mega PidgeotGust and Aerial Ace/Hurricane
Mega Charizard YAir Slash and Blast Burn
DarmanitanFire Fang and Overhea
TogekissCharm and Air Slash

2: Kingler counters

For his second Pokemon, Cliff has three choices, with Kingler being the most peculiar of the group. Kingler is only a pure Water-type Pokemon, rendering it only vulnerable to Grass and Electric-type attacks, in contrast to Cliff’s other two choices for his second Pokemon,Pokémon GO Cliff Guide , both of which share the Fighting typing.

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In Pokemon GO, there are many electric-type solid Pokemon to pick from, but we suggest trying these:

ThundurusThunder Shock and Thunderbolt
ZekromCharge Beam and Wild Charge
ElectivireThunder Shock and Wild Charge
RoseradeRazor Leaf and Solar Beam

2: Hariyama counters

Due to its exclusive Fighting type, Hariyama is vulnerable to Fairy, Flying, and Psychic attacks. Try one of our suggested Pokemon instead of going for one of the game’s many potent Flying and Fairy-type attackers. We do advise being cautious with Hariyama because it has a Steel-type attack called Heavy Slam that has the potential to harm your Fairy Pokemon severely.

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StaraptorWing Attack and Brave Bird
TogekissCharm and Dazzling Gleam
GranbullCharm and Play Rough
Ho-OhExtrasensory and Brave Bird

2: Poliwrath counters Pokémon GO Cliff Guide

Poliwrath is a strong Pokemon of the Water and Fighting types, yet it is vulnerable to attacks from the Grass, Electric, Flying, Psychic, and Fairy types. There are several alternatives to use in battle against it. Still, a Psychic or Fairy-type Pokemon will fare well against it, given that Poliwrath’s moveset consists primarily of Water and Fighting-type strikes.

MewtwoConfusion and Psychic
DeoxysZen Headbutt and Zap Cannon
AlakazamConfusion and Psychic
TogekissCharm and Dazzling Gleam/Aerial Ace

3: Tyranitar counters

The only Pokemon that hasn’t altered is Tyranitar. A Pokemon of the Rock and Dark type, Tyranitar is vulnerable to attacks from the Ground, Water, Grass, Bug, Fairy, and Fighting types. Tyranitar is best fought with Pokemon with strong Fighting-type attacks because they are four times as effective. The following are some of our suggested Tyranitar counters:

LucarioCounter and Aura Sphere
ConkeldurrCounter and Dynamic Punch
BreloomCounter and Dynamic Punch
MachampCounter and Dynamic Punch

3: Torterra counters

Cliff’s second choice for his final Pokemon is Torterra. Being of the Grass and Ground types, it is vulnerable to assaults from the Flying, Bug, Fire, and Ice types. Torterra is four times less effective against it. Therefore trainers should bring a lot of Ice-type attacking Pokemon. Due to the resistance, the best counters to Dusknoir’s Dark-type attacks are all Dark- or Normal-types. It’s a risky game, but you might choose to utilise other Ghost-type Pokemon because Ghost is strong against (and vulnerable to) Ghost.

Galarian DarmanitanIce Fang and Avalanche
MammoswinePowder Snow and Avalanche
WeavileIce Shard and Avalanche

3: Sharpedo counters

Cliff’s final choice for the third Pokemon in his team is Sharpedo. Sharpedo is vulnerable to attacks of the Grass, Electric, Bug, Fairy, Pokémon GO Cliff Guide , and Fighting types because it is a Water and Dark-type.

ThundurusThundurus Thunder Shock and Thunderbolt
MachampCounter and Dynamic Punch
RaikouThunder Shock and Wild Charge
TogekissCharm and Dazzling Gleam

How to beat Cliff in Pokemon Go

Pokémon GO Cliff Guide

You must bring various mon into combat to cover a range of Pokemon types if you want to defeat Cliff. Every Trainer ought to have a good chance against him thanks to our guide’s combination of uncommon and more common counters.

Let’s examine the flaws in every Pokemon that Cliff can summon into battle and the most effective ways to overcome them.

Cliff Pokemon Go counters phase 1

Bulbasaur counters

Due to its Grass/Poison type, Cubone is vulnerable to attacks of the following types: Fire, Ice, Flying, and Psychic. It is impervious to episodes of the Grass, Electric, Fairy, Fighting,Pokémon GO Cliff Guide , and Water types.

Bulbasaur Counters
Mewtwo Pokemon GoMewtwoPsycho Cut (Fast Move) & Psychic/Psystrike (Charge Move)
TornadusTornadusGust (Fast Move) & Hurricane (Charge Move)
Moltres in Pokemon GoMoltresFire Spin (Fast Move) & Heat Wave/SkyAttack (Charge Move)
Darmanitan Pokemon GoDarmanitanIncinerate (Fast Move) & Overheat/Psychic (Charge Move)
Blaziken Pokemon GoBlazikenFire Spin (Fast Move) & Blast Burn (Charge Move)
Honchkrow Pokemon GoHonchkrowPeck (Fast Move) & Brave Bird (Charge Move)

Cliff Pokemon Go counters phase 2

Crobat counters

Crobat Counters
Mewtwo Pokemon GoMewtwoPsycho Cut (Fast Move) & Psychic/Psystrike (Charge Move)
Exeggutor, one of Sierra's best counters in Pokemon GoExeggutorConfusion/Zen Headbutt (Fast Move) & Psychic (Charge Move)
AlakazamAlakazamPsycho Cut (Fast Move) & Future Sight/Psychic (Charge Move)
RaikouRaikouThunder Shock (Fast Move) & Wild Charge(Charge Move)
Galarian DarmanitanGalarian Darmanitan (Standard mode)Ice Fang (Fast Move) & Avalanche (Charge Move)
Glaceon Pokemon counterGlaceonIce Shard (Fast Move) & Avalanche/Ice Beam (Charge Move)

Venusaur counters

Venusaur, like Bulbasaur, is a Grass/Poison-type Pokemon, making it vulnerable to Fire, Ice, Flying, and Psychic attacks. It is impervious to episodes of the Grass, Electric, Fairy, Fighting,Pokémon GO Cliff Guide, and Water types. All of the counters we provided for Bulbasaur above will also work for Venusaur, but here are some additional suggestions.

Venusaur Counters
AlakazamAlakazamPsycho Cut (Fast Move) & Future Sight/Psychic (Charge Move)
Pokemon VictiniVictiniConfusion (Fast Move) & V-create (Charge Move)Pokémon GO Cliff Guide
Entei Pokemon GoEnteiFire Spin (Fast Move) & Overheat (Charge Move)
ChandelureChandelureFire Spin (Fast Move) & Overheat (Charge Move)
RayquazaRayquazaAir Slash (Fast Move) & Aerial Ace/Hurricane (Charge Move)
Weavile Pokemon Go countersWeavileIce Shard (Fast Move) & Avalanche (Charge Move)

Omastar counters

Omastar Counters
ZarudeZarudeVine Whip (Fast Move) & Power Whip (Charge Move)
RoseradeRoseradeRazor Leaf (Fast Move) & Leaf Storm (Charge Move)
Tangrowth Pokemon GoTangrowthVine Whip (Fast Move) & Power Whip (Charge Move)
Venusaur countersVenusaurVine Whip (Fast Move) & Frenzy Plant (Charge Move)
LucarioLucarioCounter (Fast Move) & Aura Sphere (Charge Move)
TorterraTorterraRazor Leaf (Fast Move) & Frenzy Plant (Charge Move)

Cliff Pokemon Go counters phase 3

Swampert counters(Pokémon GO Cliff Guide )

Swampert Counters
ZarudeZarudeVine Whip (Fast Move) & Power Whip (Charge Move)
RoseradeRoseradeRazor Leaf (Fast Move) & Leaf Storm (Charge Move)
Tangrowth Pokemon GoTangrowthVine Whip (Fast Move) & Power Whip (Charge Move)
Venusaur countersVenusaurVine Whip (Fast Move) & Frenzy Plant (Charge Move)
Leafeon in Pokemon GoLeafeonRazor Leaf (Fast Move) & Leaf Blade (Charge Move)
Breloom Pokenon GoBreloomBullet Seed (Fast Move) & Grass Knot (Charge Move)

Torterra counters(Pokémon GO Cliff Guide )

Torterra Counters
Mewtwo Pokemon GoMewtwoConfusion (Fast Move) & Ice Beam (Charge Move)
Lapras Pokemon Go DexLaprasFrost Breath/Ice Shard (Fast Move) & Blizzard/Ice Beam (Charge Move)
Glaceon Pokemon counterGlaceonIce Shard (Fast Move) & Avalanche/Ice Beam (Charge Move)
Jynx Pokemon GoJynxFrost Breath (Fast Move) & Ice Breath (Charge Move)
Galarian DarmanitanGalarian Darmanitan (Standard Mode)Ice Fang (Fast Move) & Avalanche (Charge Move)
Mamoswine Pokemon GoMamoswinePowder Snow (Fast Move) & Avalanche (Charge Move)

Tyranitar counters

Tyranitar Counters
Blaziken Pokemon GoBlazikenCounter (Fast Move) & Focus Blast (Charge Move)
Breloom Pokenon GoBreloomCounter (Fast Move) & Dynamic Punch (Charge Move)
ConkeldurrConkeldurrCounter (Fast Move) & Dynamic Punch (Charge Move)
LucarioLucarioCounter (Fast Move) & Aura Sphere (Charge Move)
MachampMachampCounter (Fast Move) & Dynamic Punch (Charge Move)
Pokemon Go Sirfetch'dSirfetch’dCounter (Fast Move) & Close Combat (Charge Move)

Best team to beat Cliff in Pokemon Go

In Pokemon Go, Mewtwo, Zarude, and Galarian Darmanitan would make one of the strongest teams to take down Cliff.

If Cliff sends out Bulbasaur, Venusaur, and Crobat, you’ll need a powerful Psychic-type to defeat them. Thus we advise Mewtwo as it has previously appeared in several 5-star raids. Mewtwo is the best, although other powerful, more typical Psychic-types will also work.

Next, you must battle Swampert and Omastar with the aid of a powerful Grass-type like Zarude, which many players should already have thanks to its Special Research job. Finally, Pokémon GO Cliff Guide , if Cliff chooses an Ice-type Pokemon, such as Galarian Darmanitan, it will be necessary to defeat Torterra.

Tyranitar is the only Pokemon this team does not cover. If Cliff sends that one out in phase three, you’ll need a Fighting-type counter,Pokémon GO Cliff Guide , like Blaziken. Blaziken would suit well with the team because it can take on other Pokemon like Venusaur and Bulbasaur without much difficulty.

How can you find cliff in the Pokemon Go game?

You need to take out six Rocket Grunts before you can meet any Team Rocket Leader. Interacting with black PokéStops or hot air balloons that are floating above you on the map can help you find grunts. Get Mysterious Components by eliminating six of them, then combine them to create a Rocket Radar.

Which Pokémon should I bring out to battle Cliff?

An Ice-type Pokémon, a Grass-type Pokémon, and either a Fire- or a Psychic-type Pokémon should be on your Pokémon team for Cliff’s battle.

FEB 2022: What Pokémon does Cliff have?

Players may expect a lot greater difficulty with Cliff’s second Pokemon in February 2022 than from his first. He will either utilise the Ground-type Marowak,Pokémon GO Cliff Guide , the Rock/Water-type Omastar, or the Electric-type Electivire.

Where can I buy amazing Rocket Radar?

Note that only Trainers who have already finished A Troubling Situation Special Research are given Giovanni Special Research. One of the research steps will reward you with a Super Rocket Radar.Pokémon GO Cliff Guide , A Super Rocket Radar can be equipped and dismounted from your Bag just like a standard Rocket Radar can.

How can I locate Giovanni the leader?

In conclusion, in order to meet Giovanni, players will require the Super Rocket Radar equipment, which can be created after six victories over the Team GO Rocket bosses. Giovanni will then show up at the following Team GO Rocket Pokestop or in the following hot air balloon that the player sees(Pokémon GO Cliff Guide).

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