Recusant Henricus

Recusant Henricus: The Recusant Henricus world boss in West Limgrave is covered in this portion of the Elden Ring tour. With fewer complicated strikes than other Bloody Fingers and Recusants met elsewhere, Recusant Henricus serves as an invasion instruction.

Recusant Henricus
Recusant Henricus
  • West Limgrave is the location (Northeast Storm Hill by sealed coliseum)
  • Weapon Level Recommendation: +1
  • For this battle, spirits cannot be summoned.
  • Drops the 282 Runes and the Hammer Talisman.

Recusant Henricus Tips

Recusant Henricus
Recusant Henricus

It would help if you used blocking and dodging wisely in this battle since you cannot fight on Torrent. Henricus successfully avoids ranged attacks, just like other people and human-like foes. Spells won’t be useful in this situation unless you employ Glintstone magic.

Recusant Henricus Attacks

  • Hammer Combos – Recusant Henricus conjures up one to four hammer blows at once. They have a wide range, but they can be disrupted because Henricus walks slowly when using them.
  • Jumping Smash – Henricus rushes up and slams his hammer to the ground.
  • Flaming Smash and Explosion – Henricus smashes overhead while lighting his hammer on fire. A few whiles later, the impact site explodes.

Recusant Henricus Strategy

If you have a weapon with a long reach, like the Twinblade or a spear, use it. Utilizing the opportunities Henricus’s slow assaults present is the greatest strategy for defeating him. The greatest time to rush in and score some hits is just after a combo or right after the explosive strike. Blocks shouldn’t be your top priority unless you have great Poise and endurance. Henricus’ assaults will probably break your defensive stance and leave you vulnerable to attack because of the weight of his hammer.

Henricus is susceptible to leap attacks like most human foes, but keep in mind that he recovers more quickly than you do. Due to its homing capabilities, Flintstone Pebble will again be advantageous to mages.

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Where can I find Recusant Henricus?

Recusant Henricus can be found at the gates of a sizable building northeast of Stormhill Shack.

How can Recusant Henricus be defeated?

While there is still time, players should employ the tactic of dodging Recusant Henricus before attacking him. Keep your distance if it attacks you, then move out of the way. Be sure to position yourself such that the boss is facing the area where you can attack it the most as you move around.

What does Elden Ring mean by “recusant”?

Elden Ring’s Multiplayer Item is Recusant Finger. Players can engage with each other using multiplayer items in a variety of ways, including competitive games like PVP, cooperative gameplay, and leaving notes for other players to read. object for internet gaming. (Can be utilised from the Multiplayer menu as well.)

What distinguishes a bloody finger from a refusant finger?

They are virtually identical; the only difference is the title. However, if you invade with the bloody finger, your character’s eyes turn red, while if you invade with the recusant finger, your character’s eyes turn golden. You can completely turn off these eye effects using the mirror in the roundball hold.

Why am I unable to purchase the Hammer Talisman in Elden Ring?

Get the better of Recusant Henricus northeast of Stormhill Shack.
You receive the Hammer Talisman as a prize for defeating the Invader Recusant Henricus. He spawns after you get close to the big building in the area northeast of Stormhill Shack.

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