Rise of Kingdoms Codes to redeem November 2022

Rise of Kingdoms Codes: Redeemable codes for Rising Of Kingdoms are among the most straightforward and quickest ways to get a lot of free stuff. You can get a resource, speedups, extra gems, and many other exclusive goods with redeeming coupons. Redeem codes are helpful because everyone knows that Rise of Kingdoms is a challenging game that requires a lot of time and works to advance.

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Rise of Kingdoms Codes
Rise of Kingdoms Codes (Image Credit: Google)

Whether you choose to play for free, pay to win, or if you are a new player, you should redeem any Rise Of Kingdoms redeem codes you may have. It will be much simpler to copy and paste your redeem codes if you play Rise of Kingdoms on a computer.

Because Rise of Kingdoms redeem codes can only be made by developers, using them ensures that you won’t be banned or face any other credit card problems. Rise Of Kingdoms redeems codes are readily available to players everywhere thanks to the developers’ use of social networking sites like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and Discord to post them.

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How to use the Rise of Kingdoms codes?

Rise of Kingdoms Codes

Once you get the hang of it, using the redemption codes is rather simple. Just follow the instructions below to use any and all of the Rise of Kingdoms codes that are offered for the game.

  • In the top left corner of the screen, tap on the profile symbol.
  • Navigate to the Settings tab.
  • Pick Redeem from the menu (which appears as a gift).
  • Enter the 10-digit code by typing it in, then tap the Exchange button.

I’m done now! Make sure to use the codes before they expire so that you may receive all of the incentives straight.

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Rise of Kingdoms redeem codes

Rise of Kingdoms Codes

Here, we’ll list every code used with Rising of Kingdoms (active and expired codes). Please let us know in the comments below if you find a code we haven’t previously shared.

Active Rise of Kingdoms codes

  • ROKVICTORY – 1x Golden Key, 1x 30-min Universal Speedups, 1x Tome of Knowledge
  • ROKVIKINGS – 2x Golden Key, 5x Lvl. 6 Tome of Knowledge, 2x 500 action point recovery, 2x 3-hour speedup

Expired codes

  • a2j61b790d 
  • MXhk0V38aL 
  • ROKVietnam 
  • rokcny8888 
  • Happycny22 
  • Tw1XpxW9Z2
  • L4YtrioGac 
  • 5Bewu21acn 
  • AmqDQBeGkd
  • d725ig2acq – 2x Golden Key, 5x Lvl. 6 Tome of Knowledge, 2x 500 action point recovery, 2x 3-hour speedup
  • rokpromo21 – 1x Golden Key, 3x Silver Key, 2x 3h Speedup, 10x Lvl 5 Tome of Knowledge
  • fb98l0wrfk
  • k7bjwhfsvq 
  • ah9vzgp0mi
  • q51ajxwdzc – Thanksgiving code 
  • rokhappybd
  • d725ig2acq
  • QE32503E925
  • brem4k69u2
  • 21HappyYOX (Rewards: 1x Golden Key, 3x Silver Keys, 2x 3-hour Universal Speedups, 10x lvl 5 Tome of Knowledge)
  • Happynew21
  • RMerryXmas
  • TnxGiv1ing
  • Tricktreat
  • Mid0Autumn
  • tz4gusiwka
  • nyprp7zp7q
  • sb96x3baik
  • nxhg7p95gd
  • mpqs3sf4ch
  • Discord100

Where to find Rise of Kingdoms Redeem Codes?

Rise of Kingdoms Codes

Rise of Kingdoms official The two most popular locations to find redeem codes are Discord and Facebook; however, since our site is updated daily, you can always find fresh redeem codes there as they are published, saving you time from exploring other social media. It will be challenging to find redeem codes, which is a problem with social media.

We built this list because developers make each new post will push posts with codes further down the page, making it more likely that you will miss new codes and never find previous ones. Make a bookmark of this page so you may easily visit the list if you want to save even more time.

When a game introduces a new objective, partners with other games, or has a special event, Rise of Kingdoms producers typically creates new redeem codes. They might, however, occasionally come up with brand-new codes only to thank players for their support and loyalty.

What are Codes in Rise of Kingdoms?

The makers of Rising of Kingdoms create gift codes that players can only use within their game. They are secure and have no usage limitations because only developers may create them. Each player can get free resources, speedups, jewels, and other amazing exclusive things with gift vouchers.

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