Top Best 10 Roblox military games 2022

Roblox military games: Players can unwind and hone their aim while playing popular military games on Roblox. They can play various games on this platform, including ones with a military or combat theme.

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Roblox military games
Roblox military games (Image Credit: Google)

Users can find almost anything they’re looking for in a game thanks to Roblox’s strong emphasis on freedom of speech.

Thanks to games like Medal of Honor and Call of Duty, military simulation games are now among the most popular and in-demand options. This genre is quite well-known, thanks to Roblox’s designers.

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1. D-DAY Roblox military games 2022

The Normandy Allied Landings in 1944 served as the basis for this game. The game’s enemies and allies must fight to control one of the six potential capture spots.


The Allies must employ naval ships or parachute landings to storm the beaches, retake France, and force the Germans back inside the city.

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Every team has benefits. The excellent balance between offensive and defensive gaming is made possible by the availability of landing craft and paratroopers for allies, while foes favour the defence.

2. Deadline

In addition to stunning graphics, this action game has tanks and armoured vehicles. Deadline, another game with an 8v8 option, includes a wide range of great armoured cars.


Users can choose from a wide variety of tanks, each with advantages and disadvantages. The Roblox game falls short of the top place despite its excellent gun details and numerous upgrades.

3. Ballista

The absence of entertaining mediaeval war games has finally ended, thanks to Ballista. Battles between players and their allies are enormous, chaotic, and happen quickly.


The teammates must defeat their enemies and seize control of their respective small camps.

Each team will start with two encampments, fighting for control of the first one in a remote area. Players can either make their opponents retreat to their castle or lose all of their lives to win.

4. Deah Ahead

Only ocean lovers should play this Roblox game. The action-packed naval combat game features a conflict between the two sides on the high seas.

Deah Ahead

Players can directly combat the adversary with the destroyer or deploy planes to pelt them with destruction.

King of the Hill is an additional game option available in Dead Ahead. Using unique ships and weapons that are only accessible in this mode, opposing parties engage in a D-Day-style struggle for control of an island.

It is intended for players that enjoy top-notch naval-combat games.

5. Entrenched WW1 Alpha

One of the most difficult to locate military games on Roblox is Entrenched. The World War I theme, and the two-team trench combat structure are its best qualities.

Entrenched WW1 Alpha

On the map, there will be particular capture points that both teams must either capture or defend.
There is a new capture and defence phase every five minutes. The defensive step requires players to build trenches and defend their points.

6. Tank Warfare

Players would never have guessed that any Roblox game would have such amazing graphics! In this warfare game, tanks and armoured vehicles are frequently encountered.

Tank Warfare

They have access to a selection of exquisitely modelled armoured vehicles for 8v8 games. Users can choose whatever tank they like because they have advantages and qualities.

As previously mentioned, this game’s breathtaking graphics and overall gameplay will boost their experience.

7. Fireteam

Since Fireteam is one of the best tactical shooters, playing with buddies will make players feel like excellent operators. To play and succeed against various nations, they must team up and cooperate with the team.


There are many categories, including simple riflemen and anti-tanks. The joint goal is to force the opposition off the field while scoring their points to advance to victory

8. Bleeding Blades

Bleeding Blades, a war game that draws inspiration from Mountain Blade, is for gamers who appreciate wielding swords and spears in their games. Against this backdrop of antiquity, they were able to engage in conflict with nations like Sparta, Persia, Macedonia, and even Rome.

Bleeding Blades

One of the game’s best elements is the siege map, where players must carry the siege tools to the rival fort and use them to breach it. Enter now and relish destroying everything.

9. Campaigns

Campaigns is fantastic and plays more like a war clan competition than a traditional military game. It is a server with a map of the Napoleonic Wars where numerous players can fight in fierce battles.


Smaller sides can hold 400 people each, dividing the entire battlefield. These flanks are connected, allowing users to send reinforcements wherever required!

Every time one of their players dies away, they will forfeit two to five tickets. There will be a set amount of tickets for each squad on each wing.

The company flag must be handled properly because it is essential.

10. Hedgerows 2

As the Allies and the enemy fight for dominance in various places on the map, Hedgerows 2 draws inspiration from World War 2. The game is fantastic and has stunning, lifelike graphics!

Hedgerows 2

There are also realistic screens, motion effects, and very complex weapons. Players will love the enjoyable gameplay mechanics.

Additionally, they have access to realistically suspended jeeps for transportation! Tanks, parachutes, and artillery strikes are also used.

Image Credit: Google

What Roblox conflict is the biggest?

The Roblox Assault Team (1) One of the most well-known and divisive conflicts in ROBLOX history was the conflict between the Roblox Assault Team (RAT) and the Vaktovian Empire (VAK). When VAK first emerged as a very effective organisation, this conflict began.

What Roblox game features the Army the most?

Phantom Forces is a Roblox FPS game with a contemporary aesthetic. One of the most well-known games on the system. There are about six different game modes, ranging from King of the Hill to Team Deathmatch. This military game is unquestionably for fans of more modern shooters.

The creator of Call of Robloxia?

A military first-person shooter game called Call of Robloxia 5 – Roblox at War was made by litozinnamon on December 21, 2009, and it was most recently updated on December 30, 2016.

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