Top 10 Best Roblox War Games

Roblox War Games: Players shouldn’t undervalue the caliber of Roblox’s military games, even if the platform is most known for its role-playing and tycoon games.

  Roblox War Games
Roblox War Games(Image Credit: Google)

Plenty of games are available on the forum, ranging from arena shooters you can play for days on end to open-world adventures. However, the genre doesn’t receive much attention on Roblox’s Discover page. Here are the top 10 war games on Roblox, ranked from the best to the worst, to spare you hours of searching.

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1. Phantom Forces

Phantom Forces
Roblox War Games(Image Credit: Google)

As we’ve already stated, the most OK Call of Duty substitute for Roblox is Phantom Forces. Although the realism is not as remarkable as the latter, the gameplay is surprisingly fluid. This team-based shooter is an exceedingly underappreciated free-to-play game that must be played at least once. It features more than 100 guns and dozens of unique stages.

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2. Counter Blox

Counter Blox
Roblox War Games(Image Credit: Google)

While Counter Blox isn’t our favorite game, it does have advantages over Phantom Forces in some areas. For starters, this might match gamers obsessed with achieving goals better. You will earn more XP for winning each round because each game mode lasts for several rounds rather than only for accumulating kills. Every map in Counter Blox also contains several nooks and crannies that make for ideal hiding places and firing perspectives.

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3. BedWars

Roblox War Games(Image Credit: Google)

BedWars is well worth your time if you’re looking for more of a sci-fi arena shooter. Two teams will build their way to one another while utilizing their various abilities and weapons in this brilliant mashup of Valorant and Minecraft. The enormous rush comes from gathering rare gems across each area to buy a more extensive collection of skills.

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4. Tank Warfare

Tank Warfare

Tank Warfare, the game with the most visually stunning graphics, forgoes any on-the-ground combat in favor of intense 8-on-8 tank warfare in gorgeous settings. Although the concept seems simple, Tank Warfare’s intricate progression mechanism is its true heart. Players can use this to unlock and purchase a number of the game’s larger tanks and give them cosmetic upgrades.

5. Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5

Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5

The popularity of Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5 has steadily increased. The game’s main draw is the PvE open world that requires groups of soldiers to rescue captives and occupy enemy bases. Players will receive money in exchange, which they can use to buy different weapons or attachments. The shooter’s position on this list is most notable since it offers competitive modes like 5v5 and a more intimate 2v2 duel.

6. The Underground War

The Underground War

The Underground War proves that excellent war games are only as good as their maps. The third-person shooter occurs in a setting with two team bases divided by an intricate underground maze. Finding the opposite end of the maze will allow each side to enter the enemy base and seize their flag. Despite being straightforward, the gameplay loop that involves surviving and navigating the maze is very engaging.

7. Nerf Strike

Nerf Strike

Nerf Strike, a cute arena shooter with hours of multiplayer content, is a more kid-friendly game. Whatever mode you choose—Domination, Team Match, or Free For All—a fun, silly adventure that’s ideal for a group of pals. A complex weapon leveling system that eventually enables you to load attachments and special abilities to your Nerf blaster will entice more ardent players.

8. Trench Warfare

Trench Warfare

Trench Warfare is still a compelling combat simulator even though it is still in early alpha testing at the time of writing. It is modeled after the Battlefield series and pits two sizable armies against one another until one has lost every man in it. Trench Warfare differs from the other games on this list because a significant portion of its content can be unlocked without using Robux. Classes, weapons, and even unique abilities fall within this category. Therefore, this new game can be ideal for you if all you want to do is level up a character to the utmost level and become the ultimate super soldier.

9. Battleship Battle

Battleship Battle

Battleship Battle is unquestionably the best naval simulator on Roblox, even though its name doesn’t exactly scream “must-play game.” Two opposing sides will gather weaponry and try to see which of these ships will be sunk first while their ships are hundreds of yards away. The ships tend to move toward or away from one another, which keeps things exciting and forces sailors to choose their armaments carefully.

10. Criminality


Due to being a parody of the Grand Theft Auto series created by Roblox, Criminality has progressively grown a cult following. Although the first-person shooter doesn’t occur in a battle, it throws players in the middle of a contemporary gang war where they must defeat adversaries to level up and acquire more potent weapons. These weapons range from entry-level SMGs to assault rifles, but those that advance to higher levels can access priceless tools like launchers and potent snipers.

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What Roblox conflict is the biggest?

The Roblox Attack Squad (1) One of the most well-known and divisive conflicts in ROBLOX history was the conflict between the Roblox Assault Team (RAT) and the Vaktovian Empire (VAK). When VAK first emerged as a very effective organisation, this conflict began.

What is the name of the Roblox Army game?

Roblox’s D-Day is a game that demands commitment. Leveling up and getting the hang of it might be really challenging, but it is well worth the effort. This military game recreates D-Day, the actual invasion of Omaha Beach in Normandy. Any admirer of the military will adore this replica because it is truly excellent.

What is the largest army in Roblox?

With an army size of more than a million, the Red Army is the largest active army on ROBLOX.

Which Fort does fear protect, and what is its name?

3.0 Fort Alianor The current command centre for F.E.A.R. and all of its units is Fort Alianor II.

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