Where to Find Slurpfish in Fortnite

Slurpfish: Due to Fortnite’s enormous popularity as a free-to-play game, Epic Games has made it a practice to release new content frequently. One of the most recent updates was the inclusion of Slurpfish in Fortnite. Of course, fishing has been a feature in Fortnite for a while, but these particular sea critters are brand-new.


Finding them won’t be as simple as casting a line into any puddle and expecting to catch something. So read on to discover where to find Slurpfish in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4 from Epic Games.

Where to Find Slurpfish in Fortnite


We get many brand-new seasonal missions in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4’s third week. The search for a slurp fish is one of them. All three of these creatures can be eaten and will provide a temporary boost if you do. Therefore, in addition to finishing one of the weekly seasonal objectives, you’ll also gain a little advantage. Let’s set off to search the ocean for each of these species.

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Be sure to bring a fishing rod. They are spread around the map, in barrels, and at some of the following places.
Loot Lake is north of Tilted Towers Island, between Lustrous Lagoon and Herald’s Sanctum.

  • River, to the north of Chonker’s Speedway
  • You’re prepared to start fishing and reel in Fortnite slurp fish now that you’ve located a fishing pole.
  • However, larger bodies of water are more likely to contain them. So, proceed to the ocean and vast lakes surrounding the island’s mainland!
  • The rewards for completing the seasonal tasks are amazing, so it could take some time to find the precise species you require. They also leave you with quite a few Experience Points, another bonus!
  • Your task will be completed if you catch any Jellyfish, Shield Fish, or Fortnite Slurpfish. It will certainly be harder because so many different fish species will most likely spawn. Though they won’t count, these also won’t work against you.

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Now consume that fish!

  • The only thing left to do after catching a jellyfish, shield fish, or slurp fish in Fortnite is to eat it. You ought to be able to do this easily; check your inventory.

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What is the location of the fish slurp?

Slurpfish are caught mainly in Fishing Holes, however they can be caught in calm seas also at much lower possibility. They are present in any body of water, with variations only being discovered with differing factors. The highest size of Slurpfish can be 60cm, the least being 30cm.

What is the rarest Fortnite fish?

The Dark Vanguard Jellyfish is one of the rarest fish in the entire game of Fortnite. Any rod can be used to catch this bright species, but only at night.

Fish can you gulp eat?

We get a tonne of brand-new seasonal missions in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4’s third week. Finding jellyfish, slurp fish, and shield fish is one of them. All three of these creatures are edible and will provide you with a temporary boost if you consume them.

In Fortnite, how can you catch a jellyfish?

Only fishing will yield jellyfish.

How can a little fry be caught?

Both fishing and robbing ice boxes will yield little fries.

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