Sony would lend PS5s to independent developers “to lessen the barrier to entry.”

Sony would lend PS5s to independent developers “to lessen the barrier to entry.” Sony’s new effort includes lending PS5 consoles to independent developers.

The PlayStation Indies: Development Hardware Loan Program was announced yesterday, July 26, on the Sony Interactive Entertainment website(opens in a new tab). With the help of this initiative, independent publishers and developers will have Access to PS5 development kits.

Publishers and developers of recently licensed PlayStation games are eligible to apply for a PS5 console under the new method. In actuality, they will receive two PS5 systems as part of the new plan: a development kit and a testing console for the new generation.

However, all of this depends on PlayStation approving each application and ignoring the rest. It’s a little challenging to judge unless you’re already registered with Sony as a publisher or developer because the announcement of the new effort on Sonys corporate website doesn’t specify who will and won’t be eligible for the new plan.

It’s also unknown how long these two PS5 testing kits will be available to developers. The PS5 consoles are not accessible for developers to keep, as stated in the Sony statement. However, it should still assist lower the entrance hurdle for new independent publishers and developers putting their games on PlayStation’s new-gen device.

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Observing how independent developers respond to PlayStation’s new initiative will be intriguing. Let’s hope that this lowers the entry barrier for developers and publishers and doesn’t place too many restrictions on their ability to obtain the new-gen kit.

For a complete list of all the independently made and published games coming to Sony’s next-generation console, visit our guide to the upcoming PS5 games.

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