Squid Game Costume- The “Squid Game” Has Made Tracksuits Popular

Squid Game Costume- The “Squid Game” Has Made Tracksuits Popular, the South Korean dystopian Netflix sensation is influencing fashion. Why? Read on.

At first sight, the dystopian South Korean drama “Squid Game,” which is on track to overtake other Netflix original series in viewership, seems like an unusual newcomer to the fashion-statement complex.

It is not filled with characters sporting dazzling and constantly-changing clothes steeped in romance and historicism, unlike earlier hits for the streaming giant like “Bridgeton” and “The Queen’s Gambit,” which made viewers hanker after an empire waist dress or a checkerboard shift.

And unlike previous survivor-take-all movies like “The Hunger Games” (which is sometimes used as a point of comparison for “Squid Game”), it is not filled with protagonists dodging and weaving their way through difficult circumstances while sporting sleek, futuristic bodysuits.

Instead, “Squid Game” is jam-packed with players who are compelled to play children’s games until they die to pay off their debts. These players typically wear drab teal-green tracksuits covered in blood and filth. Referees observe the spectacle while wearing hot pink boiler suits and black masks (and shoot anyone who breaks the game’s rules).

The players occasionally remove their zip-up hoodies to show white baseball jerseys with teal sleeves and their unique identification number instead of a name. It is the mainstreaming of dystopia.

It shouldn’t be surprising that the black masks and muddy sweats raced to the top of many people’s Halloween costume lists almost instantly. But it’s a little more challenging to understand why the iconic “Squid Game” clothing and accessories are currently in style.

Global searches for retro-inspired tracksuits, white slip-on sneakers, red boiler suits, and white numbered T-shirts have all increased, according to a spokesman for the shopping platform Lyst. Since the start of the series in mid-September, interest in tracksuits has nearly doubled, according to her, while searches for white shoes are up by 145%, with Vans seeing a notable boost in the final week.

The “Squid Game” collection on Netflix’s website has hoodies and T-shirts in the show’s recognizable hues and patterns. The show also inspired Grazia US, which recently released a roundup of merchandise branded “the ‘Squid Game’ Tracksuit… but Make It Fashion.” Yeon Jung, the female lead in “Squid Game,” was signed as a brand ambassador by Louis Vuitton, possibly with that goal in mind. (Even though she is a model, the Vuitton deal catapults her into the top echelon of worldwide modelling.)

Yes, they all rely on the notion that people genuinely desire to achieve the look.

So take a moment to think about that look. Like other well-liked (and commercialized) Netflix episodes, “Squid Game” provides a brief burst of endorphin-boosting escape that leaves an almost immediate visual imprint.

The complex where the games are held is decorated with sets that resemble playgrounds and enormous plastic castles, and it is drenched in the sugary hues of childhood. Black coffins decorated with enormous pink bows are used to transport the dead players. Additionally, the two main social groups’ Play-Doh green and pink costumes clearly define who is on our side and theirs.

The Front Man, the organizer, is the only character from either group that stands out for most of the series. He is dressed in a gunmetal grey, meticulously tailored coat and trousers with a hood (rather than just a regular hoodie) and a sculpted face mask that gives him the appearance of a corporate Darth Vader, which makes a lot of sense given that the show is about economic inequality.

It also draws attention to how the clothing plays with preconceived assumptions of class structure and who wears what, elevating the less ostentatious outfits on display and demeaning the luxurious bathrobes worn by the wealthy voyeurs. They come to enjoy the desperation of the game players.

Who can’t relate to a tracksuit, after all? Not just because they ever wore one (anyone who participated in school athletics or had a moment with Juicy Couture undoubtedly did), but also because of what has transpired in the previous 12 months.

After months of seclusion, tracksuits have virtually become a universally recognized reference. So wear slip-on footwear. By choosing everyday clothing, “Squid Game” increased the shock factor while making it more relatable.

For this reason, the teal uniform of the games persists in our memories even as the final three competitors don black ties for a final lunch and the victor afterwards dons a sharp blue suit. They have gone above and above.

If any more evidence were required, this is it. It shows how our modified viewing habits affect not only what and how we watch but also what we wear. It’s not that difficult to picture a new Louis Vuitton tracksuit. The likes of Balenciaga and Celine already exist.

The trickle-pixel hypothesis Mass media use leads to widespread fashion obsession. It’s becoming more of a strategy for success in the competitive world of fashion.

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