The Gale Hunger Games: 10 Things About Gale Hawthorne That Make No Sense

The Gale Hunger Games: 10 Things About Gale Hawthorne That Make No Sense, Gale Hawthorne is one of the male characters and one of the most significant men in Katniss Everdeen’s life in The Hunger Games series.

When he wants to be, he is a force to be reckoned with, and he firmly believes in protecting those who cannot protect themselves, often to the point of doing foolish and reckless things that may not be wise.

However, some aspects of his personality as a whole aren’t all that clear-cut or comprehensible. A few of Gale’s characteristics from the series that didn’t make much sense are listed below.

1- The Gale Hunger Games Didn’t Select Him

Gale wasn’t the primary hero of the novel, so it stands to reason that he wasn’t chosen to participate in the yearly Hunger Games competition. This is one of the primary reasons why. However, we know that Gale submitted more than forty applications for tesserae, which indicates that his chances were significantly better than those of someone like Prim, whom Katniss would never have permitted to enter the arena any more than was necessary.

According to the statistics, it seems increasingly improbable that Prim would have been chosen instead of Gale; on the other hand, the game of chance is inherently unexpected.

2- He began adhering to Capitol rules.

Gale was so intent on adhering to the rules laid down by the Capitol was one of the more infuriating aspects of his tale in Mockingjay. He and Katniss frequently clashed over his growing callousness toward the people that his weapons had the potential to hurt.

In a later event, Prim was slain by one of his weapons, which brought everything to a head. Unfortunately, Gale allowed his need for vengeance to cloud his ability to reason and behave morally. Ultimately, he turned out to be like the individuals he detested the most.

3- He failed to protect Peeta’s family.

Gale somehow missed saving Peeta’s family when he returned to District 12 to save others. The most plausible explanation is that he didn’t have enough Time to save everyone, as was stated to us. However, others think Gale may have had more nefarious motives for avoiding them.

Peeta’s family wasn’t fantastic, though. His parents were either violent or distant. If his family had survived, it would have been intriguing to see what would have happened, but nobody missed them. It will always be unclear whether Gale intended it to happen.

4- He had feelings for Katniss but hadn’t previously told her about them.

Even though it was apparent that Gale had romantic feelings for Katniss from the beginning, he waited an excruciatingly long Time before he admitted to her that he loved her. Katniss was going through a lot with the Hunger Games, and his timing was awful, especially considering everything else that was going on.

Because he has a rather forthright attitude, it is possible that the events would have taken a different path if he had spoken his emotions to Katniss much sooner. It had the potential to alter their relationship completely.

5- He unexpectedly kissed Katniss

It could have felt like a decent idea at the moment to kiss Katniss because it could have been the last Time Gale would have seen her, but it came out as somewhat hasty and dumb to those who witnessed it.

To begin, Gale ought to have been aware that the Capitol’s discovery of their relationship would make things more difficult for Katniss if they were aware of it. It also gave the impression that he cared more about his sentiments than he did about how Katniss could be feeling about the situation. The circumstance only perplexed her and made her life much more difficult.

6- He designed the weapons that were used to kill Prim.

Most people claim that Gale wasn’t responsible for Prim’s murder because he didn’t know how he would utilize his bombs, but the reality remains that he was making bombs to be dropped on unwary individuals. Would people have accepted Prim’s approval of creating lethal weapons to be used against everyone who crossed District 13 if Prim hadn’t died?

No, Gale and Beetee didn’t order the use of the parachute explosives, albeit they did invent them. They made it easier for their use because they were fully aware of how and why they may put them to use. He ignored Katniss’s warnings to stay away from it and her admission that it made her uneasy.

7- What Gale wanted Katniss to keep in mind is unknown to us.

When Katniss is taken away to compete in the 74th annual Hunger Games, she and Gale can spend a few precious moments together before the Peacekeepers remove him from the arena. Gale yelled after Katniss, “Remember, Katniss!” as Peeta was being carried out of the room.

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Unfortunately, Katniss and the readers don’t get the chance to find out what he will say. It is presumed that he would have advised her to take care of herself and shared his feelings for her by saying something along the lines of “Katniss, don’t forget that I love you.” But it’s doubtful that we’ll ever find out.

8- Gale was not interested in Katniss’ winnings or assistance.

Katniss volunteered to share some of her prize money with the Hawthornes after she triumphed in the 74th Hunger Games so that he wouldn’t have to work as hard to support his entire family. Additionally, he exhibits obvious discomfort whenever Katniss searches for his family.

However, Gale had no issues carrying out this task for Katniss’ family. He appeared too proud to accept Katniss’s assistance because doing so would mean rejecting his stereotypical male “provider” role, which is absurd given the stakes of the society in which they live.

9- How Did Gale Manage to Feed Over 800 People Despite Limited Resources?

During the revolt, Gale is responsible for liberating over 800 citizens held captive in District 12. He cares for them for three days before District 13 ultimately comes to their rescue.

To accomplish this, he only possesses a limited number of supplies, including fishing rods and a net. However, he can provide food for that many people for multiple days. Even with his skill level in his method, it just doesn’t seem plausible that Gale could have accomplished all of it by himself.

10- Gale is appointed a military captain.

It seems a little strange for someone who was so anti-government to join the government by the conclusion of the series suddenly. May claim that he did it to witness changes and participate in the new Panem government, yet after everything he had to endure, one would think Gale would prefer to live a simpler life.

Why would he want to resume a violent job after what happened with Prim and losing Katniss?

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