BEST UPCOMING NFT GAMES 2022, NFT games are video games that use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as part of the gameplay. Characters, playing cards, and other game-related elements are all NFTs in NFT games. Players, therefore, possess ownership of these items. In contrast, all in-game assets in conventional video games are the exclusive property of the game designers.

Similar to other NFTs, NFTs in these games can be bought and sold. The finest NFT games typically feature in-game marketplaces that make it simple for players to buy, sell, and buy new NFTs from other players.

Because the NFTs used in the game has value, NFT games are also called “play to earn” games. Your NFTs can gain weight while you play, and you can eventually trade them for cryptocurrency in the in-game market. When you accomplish a quest or triumph in combat against another player, many top NFT games also award you with rewards in-game cryptocurrency.

How Do NFT Games Work?

Except that many of the elements in these games are collectible NFTs, NFT-games function pretty similarly to conventional video games. You can gain in-game tokens or new NFTs as you explore a virtual environment, engage in player battles, and accomplish quests. You can then sell these tokens on a secondary market. Even NFT-games that use crypto and NFTs to operate the same manner as conventional games are available.

Items in NFT games are often rare and expensive collectibles that players own. It’s up to you to choose whether you want to approach collecting NFTs vs. selling them to other players because the rarest and most expensive NFTs are frequently the most potent for gameplay.

Types Of NFT Games

There are multiple Games NFT games, and more are constantly being added to the online store. NFT games don’t have specific kinds, but they often fit into several categories.

You may create trade card decks with various powers and abilities by playing NFT card games like Splinterlands and Gods Unchained. You can construct sophisticated plans and engage in combat with other players by combining multiple cards. Similar in style is games like Axie Infinity that use characters rather than cards.

Playing metaverse games like The Sandbox, Alien Worlds, and Star Atlas lets you communicate with other players while exploring virtual environments. You can participate in tasks, team up with other players, and even start fights. Players can create their games in the metaverse, making The Sandbox special.

Battle of Guardians and Spider Tanks, two multiplayer games where players can win rewards, provide a more elegant, anything-goes combat setting. The main goal of these games is to defeat other players in combat.

Benefits Of Play To Earn NFT Games

There are several benefits to playing games to earn money.

They can be a lot of fun, to start. The finest NFT-games allow you to create your strategies and discover original gaming environments. Many games offer tasks for players who aren’t as enthusiastic about one-on-one fighting, and battles are exciting and quick.

The fact that many products are collectible NFTs is another benefit of playing games to gain rewards. These NFTs can be resold in the game’s marketplace for cryptocurrencies, allowing you to withdraw money or put it back into the game by purchasing character enhancements. (playing games)

The top games for 2022 to play and earn cryptocurrency also give incentives in cryptocurrency. This may take the shape of in-game money or well-known coins like Ethereum. You can exchange this cryptocurrency for any other cryptocurrency using an exchange, or you can spend it to buy items in the game’s market.

Upcoming NFT Games

Even though there are already many fantastic play-to-earn games to pick from, players are eager about some future NFT games. With better graphics, larger metaverses, and more entertaining gameplay, new NFT-games have improved upon existing offers.

The following are some of the best new NFT games to keep a watch out for:



The MINES OF DALARNIA NFT blockchain game can be played on windows, mac, Linux, Android, and iPhone. This is one of the best Upcoming NFT games in 2022. It is a blockchain game. You can download the game from the game’s official website. After the download is complete, you should create an account to play the game,

Mines Of Dalarnia is an action-adventure game. Players can improve their skills and gear to unlock the mode universe’s secrets while fighting enemies and searching for rare relics and artifacts,

INTO THE GAME- Delve into the unknown, collect minerals and use them to upgrade the character through mining equipment and character attributes,

ACTION AND ADVENTURE- dungeon crawling mines of Dalarnia deliver a fresh new entry to the genre,

MANAGE AND EARN- Dalarnia is abundant with resources for investors to discover,

ROAD-MAP;– There are four road maps- Q3 2021(ALPHA 0.1.1), Q4 2021(ALPHA1.0.1), Q1 2022(MAINNET BUILD RELEASE), Q2 2022(PLAYERS AND TOURNAMENT), Q3 2022(MOBILE GAME RELEASE), ETC. what NFL games come on today


Toxic zone(Darkness)- 1-These zones are generally the most dangerous and provide the list light source for the player,

2- Toxic zones use your oxygen tank level to determine how long you can survive,

Arctic zones(Ice)- 1-ice zones contain various specific minerals, including Elysium, And Frozen Magmatite,

2- Your ‘Anti-freeze’ level will determine how long you can remain in a mine before freezing to death,

Volcanic zone(LAVA)- 1-You will now need to buy plots using Dalarnia Tokens to receive these materials,

2-You must upgrade your character to a high level to mine it successfully,

Terra zone- 1-as you travel more profound, you will find additional teleport exit points,

2-There is more to gain by digging deeper!


The game is genuinely owned by users- all the items registered on the blockchain,

PLAY TO EARN- Complete tasks and win rewards,

Vibrant Economic Incentives for growth and sustainability- Open market to trade,

Mines Of Dalarnia NFT game is hosted online and requires constant internet to play. You can play this game on any modern browser like- Google Chrome, Firefox, and Edge-Click on the download and play button and get started now.


Phantom Galaxies
blockchain games

PHANTOM GALAXIES is the best upcoming nft game in 2022. It’s a blockchain game. This game is free-to-play, and based on blockchain games and upcoming nft games 2022, this is the best way to Gaming with Earning. PHANTOM can play the GALAXIE NFT blockchain game on windows, mac, Linux, and Android, and also played on iPhone. PHANTOM GALAXIE is a fast-person experience that looks and plays just like the traditional 3D action RPGs (ARPG) already familiar to millions of gamers, with the vital difference that it will allow players to exercise governance and have assets(equipment, avatars, and game currency) thanks to the use of fungible and NFT,(BLOCKCHAIN GAMES),

You can play the game after creating a game account,


PHANTOM GALAXIE is an open-world online space sim in which, initially, players take on a pivotal role in the war for control of the sectors of Canis Major. Players will fight on the front lines and explore deep space to find valuable resources and uncover the mighty weapons of the Shak ‘are.

Players will select a starfighter from four starting classes; the Lancer, Buster, Assault, and Breacher framers. From there mechs, unlocking Specialisations to experiment and fine-tune the perfect starfighter setup for each combat scenario,

Starfighter Mechas;-

COMPOSABILITY- Mechanized Starfighter is the core item that the player utilizes for exploration and combat in Phantom Galaxies. It exists as an NFT that specifies the aesthetics and attributes of the in-game mech.

Some of the different characteristics and modifiers of a Starfighter are; Frame, Reactor, Shields, Cargohold, Weapon Slots, and more,

Starfighters are available in many tiers that we call Generations. Starfighters can be leveled up using the fusion process.

MANUFACTURE;- There are two stages-

Stage one- The player must obtain a Base to manufacture their Starfighter from scratch. Can receive frame NFT Base Frames from a player Organization or Phantom Galaxies,

STAGE SECOND;- Fusion occurs at a Fusion Facility and requires a Base Frame NFT and various in-game resources. After configuring your Starfighter with ingredient NFT items and FT resources, you activate the fusion process by inserting some fungible tokens,



ITEMS;- Phantom Galaxies will offer a variety of in-game items that exist as NFTs with actual digital ownership, meaning that the owner of such things genuinely owns and controls them and is, therefore, able to benefit from them accordingly,

Items types include Weapons, Armour, Shader, and Consumables. Items can be bought from shops or found as loot throughout the universe of Phantom Galaxies.

The open universe- Phantom galaxy’s vast universe of star systems will offer players a huge variety of planets to explore, challenges to overcome, and resources to exploit,

COMBAT- Phantom Galaxies is a third-person action RPG shooter in which players mechanized Starfighter that has both a classic mecha robot mode and a starfish mode,

ROADMAP– Phase1- Pre-launch

Phase 2- Expanded Game Content.

Phase 3- Property & Organizations

Phase 4- Property & Organization.

Phase 5- Frontier Space.

Phase 6- Infinity and Beyond!

Phantom Galaxies NFT game is hosted online and requires constant internet to play. You can play this game on any modern browser like- Google Chrome, Firefox, and Edge-Click on the download and play button and start now.

3- AGE OF TANKS (blockchain games)

age of tanks Blockchain games
upcoming blockchain games

AGE OF TANKS is one of the best games from Blockchain games. It’s free of cost NFT game; you can play the game after registering in the game account. And earn money from the gameplay, you can download the game from its official website, the AGE OF TANKS, AND also download from the play and download button. After you download the game, when you click on the play button There, you will need a meta mask account, then you will have to create a meta mask account, about which I have already told you,

Age of tanks is, first and foremost, a fun and exciting game with colossal complexity and depth. The game is designed to attract both worlds. In this blockchain-powered decentralized ecosystem, gamers’ actions determine the game’s development and the pure gaming and competitive aspect of finding the best strategy, the best team, climbing the best system, the best team, and climbing the leaderboards to win tournaments.

Suppose you are tired of NFT games(crypto games) that are only based on technology but are not good. Look no further… Welcome to earth zero. Mine resources, build your NFT tanks and defend your territory against and defend your territory against thousands of other players that will try to outsmart you!

This is an age where the fight for supremacy hinges on having the Ultimate Armoured Vehicle. For who controls the tanks control A.O.T., and who controls the A.O.T control the Metaverse,

assemble your tanks! Assemble your team! 5Rarity Levels, 4Tank parts, 3Engine classes, empowered with offensive and defensive skills. Assemble the tank that best suits you and mint it into an NFT. Complete in the v1 arena. Want some strategy? Now we’re talking. Speed, damage, and defense class engines create the perfect team synergy between your tanks and their skills.

Join a team, explore different guild facilities, and form lifelong allies who will fight alongside you to conquer the Metaverse,

Brodie is the resource that can earn by playing the PVE campaign and used to unlock mystery war chests to obtain crucial tank parts of different rarities to assemble war tank NFT,

Champions are fully customized & upgradable. Be equipped with formidable items. Play and lead your fleet to Victory as CHAMPIANS of the Earth Zero Metaverse,

Age of Tanks NFT game is hosted online and requires constant internet to play. You can play this game on any modern browser like- Google Chrome, Firefox, and Edge-Click on the download and play button and get started now. (crypto games)

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