Warzone patch improves modern weapons for warfare.

Warzone patch improves modern weapons for warfare. After Season 4 Reloaded, Call of Duty guns from earlier eras appear to be much more potent.

Season 4 Reloaded, the newest patch for Call of Duty: Warzone, delivers some good news for lovers of Modern Warfare because the game’s weaponry is becoming more effective.

Since the Black Ops Cold War weaponry dominated the meta, the viability of Modern Warfare weapons has been a source of contention. In light of more practical options coming from Cold War and Vanguard, some players(opens in new tab) even went as far as to label the Modern Warfare weapons “unplayable.”

But as Charlie Intel(opens in new tab) explains, the most recent patch substantially changes the balance. Vanguard’s potent NZ-41 has seen significant nerfs, losing control over recoil, range, and damage potential. (The NZ-41 had just received a rather substantial buff.) The developers plan to adjust the assault rifle category’s balance significantly.

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The developers write on the official website, “As it stands, the best performing builds are ones that result in the least amount of recoil” (opens in new tab). Vanguard assault weapons are less likely to transform into pinpoint-accurate lasers if we pass on some significant outliers.

In addition to specific immediate improvements for Modern Warfare weaponry, this update was made. The damage capability of the CR-56 AMAX, Kilo 141, and M13 has been increased, and the Kilo no longer exhibits its mid-range damage drop-off.

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The players have already shown a preference for those changes. Aminnesotabro69 comments on Reddit, “Honestly, finest looking update I’ve seen since the day the game launched” (opens in new tab). “Proves Raven is truly trying to create a gun balance and not just have Vanguard guns control everything,” said one reviewer.

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